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Angloinfo is the world's largest network of websites for English-speakers living abroad.
We are in more than 40 countries so there’s probably an Angloinfo site wherever you’re going.
About Angloinfo

Our global team is dominated by people living outside their passport countries. We understand that living in a new place is very different from simply moving there. Daily life takes over and priorities change - getting a visa, a job or a house is no longer the most important task of the day. Now it’s time to find a mechanic, make new friends, exchange your driver’s licence, take a day trip, and find the best playgrounds, restaurants, football team or nightclub.

Angloinfo is an online doorway to an offline community. Most of our regional sites are managed by local franchisees who work within, and together with, the English-speaking community in their adopted homes.

As we’ve done from the very beginning, we’re continuing to expand into new regions and countries, broadening our global presence to help users throughout the world find information specific to their local region, in the English language.


A truly global team

At Angloinfo HQ, we’re passionate about travel, new experiences and life in general. Most of us are or have been expats so we understand the soaring highs and challenging lows of expat life. Our mission is to take the hard work out of your expat adventure, wherever in the world that might be.

Most of our regional websites around the world are owned and run by a team of dedicated and equally passionate franchisees who work tirelessly to assist expats in their local area. We’re also supported by a loyal band of freelance editors based all over the world, without whom we wouldn’t be able to keep you up-to-date with the goings-on of expat life in your area. Then there are our technology team who span the globe from Oxfordshire to Miami to Manila and back again. Each local Angloinfo website is backed by a truly global effort.

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Group Account Manager
Company History
Angloinfo has come a long way from Mike and Wendy’s kitchen table in 1999...

The idea for a website that connected English-speaking expats with English-speaking local service-providers was born in Cape Town and travelled with Mike Hardaker and Wendy Wilson when they moved to their new home on the French Riviera.

When they arrived there, they pounded the pavement, picked up the phone and searched the internet for mechanics, plumbers, hairdressers and lawyers who could communicate with expats unable to speak French.

The first generation of Angloinfo was officially launched on the 1st of September 2000, welcoming in a new century.

Three years later Angloinfo was not only a strong local directory but also an online encyclopedia of how-tos for expats: how to rent a house, buy a car, connect the electricity or choose a school. It had also become an important way for expats to communicate with each other and the forum was a virtual lifeline for many new arrivals.

In 2005, Angloinfo expanded in a big way thanks to a round of investment funding and the hiring of experienced international managers. Five new French sites were launched along with Angloinfo Cyprus, the first franchise to open outside France.

A few years later the company was sold, heralding a new era in business development. New franchises were launched in more than 40 countries and Angloinfo is now fast closing in on 100 regional sites around the world.

New products like Angloinfo Property and Angloinfo Jobs broaden the services offered to our readers. Our research and surveys add to the global knowledge base on expats and international migration. And, our expanding international team keeps us focused and knowledgeable on what matters to citizens of the world. To celebrate its 15th birthday, Angloinfo launched a completely new look and a new philosophy. Gone is the anonymous formality of earlier years. We are proud to work here and we want everyone to know the team that helps create and maintain the 4 million pages that serve you, one of more than 3 million valued readers every month.

Have you changed much in the last 15 years? Us too. We can’t wait to see what the next 15 bring.

Together, expats make up the fifth
largest country on the planet.*

“When the plane lands I want to step out into a new country.
Life's too short to go back to old places.”


You might be a career expat or temporary overseas worker, a student or a retiree, a second home owner or a permanent emigrant, or a partner or dependent of any of these. Call us expats, call us global citizens, call us professional nomads, serial migrants or slow travellers, it’s all the same. We have an unsettling addiction to not settling down. And more than 25 per cent of expats say they will never return to live in their country of birth.**

For those who do return home, the transition can often be more stressful and difficult than the original move abroad. Being back in familiar surroundings and not having the sense of newness, regarding cultures and experiences, can cause many repatriates to become uneasy with their old life and, in many cases, to seek out the expatriate communities in their home countries.

Although all expats are different, the happy and successful ones naturally embrace challenges that other people avoid. Expats often describe a constant feeling of being at home everywhere yet nowhere and having a hunger for new experiences that cannot be ignored.

Why do people become expats? Because we’re backpackers at heart. We just upgraded our luggage.

Write For Us
Submission Guidelines
Angloinfo has over 3 million unique visitors every month. With that kind of traffic a lot of people want to publish with us. We love a good partnership: we get fresh, relevant content for our readers and you get an audience of millions. But our readers won’t accept bad quality writing (not even close).

Things we love to see
  • A well-structured post. See Quality Guidelines below.
  • Objectivity: A post is a place to discuss the pros and cons of new mortgage rules in Thailand. It’s not the place to rant about the current government.
  • Relevance: Know our readership before pitching. Know the region where your work will be published.
  • Expert knowledge: What do you know that our readers don’t? Share it.
  • Credibility: Check your facts, double-check them, then check them again.
  • Flair: Make us want to put down everything else we’re doing and read your work.

Things we don't love to see
  • Thinly-veiled advertisements for your business or client.
  • Articles that have been plastered all over the net.
  • Obvious link grabs.
  • Rehashed versions of other posts.
  • Misspelled words, run-on sentences and poor grammar. Also too-short and too-long posts. There are some excellent freelance editors in the world who would love to have you as a customer.
Syndication and reprinting

If you have written a post that has been published somewhere else (print or online), but you’re sure that it’s perfect for our readers, you’re welcome to publish it with us. There are a few rules though:

  1. It really must be a great piece, with high value for our readers. We’re not interested in being a post marketing directory.
  2. You’ll need to know the URL of the first place your work was published. This is the canonical page.
  3. We will need confirmation that you retain ownership of the work and can give permission for reprinting.

Quality guidelines
Format: The human eye isn’t designed for reading from a backlit screen so it needs a lot of help. If you’re not sure whether your post is too visually complicated, read it out loud. Almost every comma can be a full stop (a period). Feel free to use:
  • Subheadings
  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs
  • Bullet points
Word count: 500 - 2,000. Unless you’re writing a seriously content-rich post broken up with good subheadings your readers are likely to be bored after 2,000 words. And it’s difficult to be really informative in less than 500. The exception to this is an image-rich blog post where words aren’t really the point.
Links: Use links in your post only if they are vital to your subject and valuable to our readers. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any links before or after publication. It’s very rare we’ll allow you to link to your own site from within the post but there are occasions when it’s appropriate so please ask. Absolutely no affiliate links.
How We Help
Helping charities, non-profits and expat groups around the world…
Connecting English-speaking expats in and to their adopted communities is what we do. Our members and our employees (who are members too) do some pretty nice things to help others, giving of themselves to enrich their local communities. Since 2000, AngloINFO has partnered with local charities, NGOs and non-profit organisations around the world to do our part in the communities where we live.
What can we do to help your charity?
We can help support your mission by extending your reach among expats via our blogs, social media and on-site advertising. We have helped organisations:
We’ve helped schools, sports clubs, health awareness campaigns, religious organisations, animal charities and youth groups, as well as consulates and public safety initiatives, to spread their word among expats in your local area and around the globe.
So, if your non-profit needs a hand, get in touch with us and we’ll do what we can to help.
We’re happy to say we’ve worked with these great organisations:
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