foreverhome wanted

Posted by: peter robert · 1494961308

Gentle patient lady wanted to give fluffy my timid but loving neutered female cat a happy forever home. Fluffy is around 13 years old, has very pleasant long fur, which is a mixture of light colours, and when she starts to trust she loves to sit on your knee and be combed. Unfortunately I think she would not survive the trip to the UK with two of her last litter of kittens. Before she adopted us I think she must have been treated badly by the man of the house, as it has taken her around 3 years to trust me, whereas she went to my wife immediately. When she was neutered the vet thought that she was of the breed of Norwegian forest cats, because of the very fine fur on her legs up to her knees. She is sensible about the roads and does love to sleep under a bush or tree in her garden. She comes when called and is completely house trained. She usually spends most of the evening and night on a sofa or chair in the kitchen. In fact she is no trouble whatsoever, an added bonus is that you would never have another rodent in you garden or sheds. I have got lots of photos of her but am finding it very difficult to attach them to this script. e mail ireneatfoz@gmail.comĀ  PHOTOS BY E MAIL IS NO PROBLEM. Also directions available by email. 282 101 107 between3pm & 9pm.