Looking for winter work in exchange for accom and meals

Posted by: Simon-Pascoe-1020151 · 1641916481


Currently in the UK and wishing to escape the cold, damp winter for a couple of months.

Have previously worked abroad (including the Algarve) on an exchange basis.

Looking for a couple of months work Feb/March.

Ideally something like painting, both interior and exterior or gardening work, that sort of thing.

Would be willing to do 25 hours a week in exchange for Accommodation and food.

I'm completely trustworthy, reliable and honest and can supply, work/character references.

I would ideally like to get work in the Algarve or on Madeira.

If you have a property that needs any work over the winter and maybe needs a Guardian to live in it then I can help.

Please contact me with your details.