Maternity Nurse

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Hello, my name is Rita Martin and I am a Maternity Nurse working with families mostly in the UK and other European countries. I am well qualified and have 15+ years experience. 

I currently work with families and their new babies from 0-3months old. 

My current role is a live in role for anything from a few weeks to 3-4 months. My expertise is with first babies where I can assist and guide the new parents to become confident with their precious new arrival.

I can help with routine set up and guidance for the future, good sleeping habits, sleeping through the night normally between 3-4 months old, breastfeeding help, setting up a nursery, advice on purchasing for the new baby including clothes and equipment.

I am looking at ways I can support new parents in different ways with a initial visit either during pregnancy or when the baby arrives to assess how I can help. 

Support will then be via Skype, FaceTime, email, text or telephone calls. Further visits could also be arranged.

 Prices would be negotiated dependent on the requirement of each family.

Initially contact can be made via my email address

Rita Martin