Ragdoll cross kittens

Posted by: mark-tonnye-937499 · 1604059549

I have 2 litters of Ragdoll cross kittens. (one litter was born on the 2nd Sept and the other on the 8th Sept).
Some are medium haired fluffy kittens and some are shorter, plush haired kittens.
Their mothers are both beautiful, gentle Ragdolls- father is unknown.
There are a mix of males and females available.
They are all shades of grey in colour- the girls are mainly grey and ginger tortishell some have white mittens; the males are mainly all grey (see photos) and there is one black and ginger tortishell.
They are all weaned, litter trained and busy exploring the world, having spent their first 5 weeks in my bedroom.
I live in the Scottish Borders.
Thank you for your interest.
Please feel free to contact me for any more information.