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Property law, conveyancing, fiscal representation, wills and probate, car legalization, criminal law, divorces, family law (juvenile custody), offshore ownership. Rua Jose Ventura Neto Cabrita, Lote 1, Loja D, 8600-774, Lagos.
Commercial and criminal law advice. At Rua Jose Antonio Marques Nº 3 - C, 2º B, 8500-700 Portimao.
A law office with experience in the area of Portuguese property conveyance, also personal injury, employment law, family law, litigation, wills and probate. Rua D. Francisco Gomes (R. Stº Antonio) 4, 2C, 8000-306 Faro
Legal advice in criminal, property, labour, family/inheritance, administrative and contract law throughout the whole of Algarve, Lisbon and Alentejo. Guaranteed first reply to a query within 24 hours. Largo de S. Luis, 11C - 4º Dto, 8000-143 Faro
Legal practice for property conveyance, real estate, tax law, fiscal representation, commercial and civil law, wills and probate, administrative law and general legal advice. Located: Lagoa
Cross-border commercial litigation matters, insolvency, business debt recovery, registration and enforcement of foreign judgments in the UK.
Lawyers in civil, commercial, labour and criminal law. Also handle debt recovery. At Praca de Alexandre Herculano 22-44ºF, 8000-160 Faro.
Law office offering services throughout Portugal. Practice areas: conveyancing, real estate and construction, fiscal and tax law, corporate law, civil law and family law. In Lagos, with representation in Lisbon.
Services include inheritance and wills, fiscal representation and tax law, corporate, civil, criminal and public law and real estate. At Tavira.
Legal advice for companies, businesses, commercial and private real estate, succession and family law. Fiscal representation of non-residents.
Legal practice offering bilingual legal advice concerning company, commercial, tax, administrative, real estate, banking and tourism. At Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 143/154 - 2º Direito, Almancil.
For property, family and civil law advice. At Gaveto da Rua do Pé da Cruz, n.º 24 - 1º - n.º 3, Apartado 149, 8000-154 Faro
Established and experienced law firm for all legal services: Property law, conveyance; Company law and registration; Foreign investment, individual and corporate Law; Wills and testaments, estate law; Family and matrimonial; Civil and criminal. Lagoa.
Specialising in criminal, property and contracting law. At Rua Pe da Cruz, 8-1º-Dtº, 8500-640 Portimao.
Legal practice, civil, criminal, labour, property, family, inheritance, administrative and touristic law. At Rua de S. Antonio, 2A, 1ºAndar, 800-283 Faro.
Legal practice for property conveyance, real estate, tax law, fiscal representation, commercial and civil law, administrative law and general legal advice.
Corporate law and contracts, mortgages, rental licenses, wills and probate and taxation matters. Offices in Carvoeiro, Portimao and Lagos.
Court cases, commercial matters, legal advice and representation in purchase and sale of properties. Wills, constitutions of companies and offshore and process of probate.
Lawyers practice. Banking, financial, civil damages, contracts, marriage, divorce, trademarks, copyrights, estates and investments.
Lawyer advising in criminal, labour, contracting, property, commercial, family and civil law. Office at Praca da Liberdade, Edfico Santo Antonio 75-6º-Escritorio 1, 8000-164 Faro.
Local Notary. English speaking.
Providing a full range of legal services including family, criminal, administrative, real estate and others. Rua Dr. Francisco Sa Carneiro 44-D, Apartado 368 8601-905 Lagos.
Legal practice for property conveyance, real estate, tax law, fiscal representation, commercial and civil law, wills and probate, administrative law and general legal advice.
Law office with legal services in all major areas of legal practise. English spoken. At Lagoa.
Preventative law, litigation, property law, boundary disputes, property conveyance, civil, criminal law and driving offences. Commercial law, consumer rights, family law, marriage, divorce and custody, personal injury, insolvency.
Property, commercial and civil law services. Located at Manaca, Volta das Rolas, Vilamoura, 8125 Quartiera.
Family law firm situated in faro. At Faro.
English lawyer working in for property conveyance, off shore advice, wills, trusts and estates in Almancil since 1990. Rua do Comercio 4, 8135-125 Almancil.
Lawyers and Solicitors. At Albufeira.
International solicitors, with offices in Portugal and UK offering criminal, civil, family,divorce, Wills, Probate, property, labour and corporate law advice in UK and Portugal. Located at Quinta Marialva, Bias do Norte, 8700-066, Moncarapacho Algarve.
Solicitors dealing with succession, property and commercial law matters. Situated at Parque Empresarial Algarve Lote 12-1º andar, 8400-445 Lagoa.
English speaking lawyer. Legal advice for companies, businesses, commercial and private real estate, succession and family law. Fiscal representation of non-residents. Based in Silves.
Intellectual Property Law, Regional Economy and Development, Organizational and Strategic Behaviour of the Enterprises and Investment Management. These disciplines have enabled this Law Office to embrace the Tourism Law involved with the Tourism Sector.
Multilingual lawyer giving advice at international level. Rua do Montepio 24-A, 1º Dto, 8000-300 Faro.
Law office. Multidisciplinary advisory services. Companies and private individuals. General legal advice, fiscal, taxation, administrative, commercial, civil law, wills, probate, litigation, labour law, company incorporation and bankruptcy. Located Faro.
Services include contracts, power of attorney, wills, inheritances, land register, certified copies, divorce and taxes. At Albufeira.
Legal practice performing all aspects of law and real estate conveyance and mortgages. Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. At Ave. 5 de Outubro, 244 - 1st Floor, 8135-103 Almancil. 37.092345,-8.037808
Local Notary. English speaking. At Tavira.
Legal practice in the areas of conveyance, tax law and representation, real estate and construction law, family and criminal law as well as additional areas. Offices in Ferrarias and Tavira.
Legal advice in criminal, administrative, family, succession, property and coporate law matters. At Rua de Portugal 32, 8000-281 Faro.
Local Notary. English Speaking. At Faro.
British and Portuguese qualifications. British Law degree and Member of Portuguese Chamber of Solicitors. Legal services for property purchase, conveyances, wills, inheritance, rental law, capital gains. Parque do Moinho Lote 1B, Loja D, Lagos.
An independent Portuguese law office specializing in commercial and corporate law, finance, real estate, tax, employment, civil law, intellectual property and litigation. At Monte da Vinha, 3, Vilamoura.
Local Notary. English Speaking. At Faro.
Legal advice for real estate, wills, probates and civil matters. Located at Rua MFA, 78, 1 - D, Albufeira.
Family and labour law, commercial and private real estate legal advice. Situated at Rua Cristovao Pires Norte, Edificio Norte 1º-B, Apartado 3365, 8135-117 Almancil.
Law firm with 3 English-speaking lawyers with several years of experience in real estate law, inheritance-succession/probate (wills), civil law, corporate law, criminal law, litigation, registry and contracts. At Rua Sophia de Mello Breyner 43, Albufeira.
International legal firm specialising in business and financial law including foreign trade, taxation real estate, property law and multidisciplinary legal advice to companies.
Bilingual law firm in general legal practice including commercial, labour, criminal, contractual and others. At Av. 5 de Outubro, 244 -1º, 8135-103 Almancil.
Legal practice, specialising in contract law, civil and family law, both at judicial or extra judicial level. At Estrada de Quarteira, Edificio Palmeira, Loja D, Vilamoura.
Real estate, criminal, commercial, civil and labour law advice. At Praceta Bartolomeu Dias Lote 6-A-1º-Esq. Letra “D” Cerro da Alagoa Apartado 2167, 8201-916 Albufeira.
Services in conveyance, general legal advice, fiscal, taxation, administrative, commercial, civil law, wills, probate and litigation, company incorporation and bankruptcy. Offices in Lagoa and Almancil.
Legal assistance in all matters related to investing in Portugal, including fiscal, property, management and insurances issues.
Legal advice available during opening hours Monday to Friday 09:00-15:00. AT Gabinete de Consulta juridica de Albufeira, Belavista Comercial, Loja 15, Avenida dos Descobrimentos, 8200-260 Albufeira.
Lawyer offices in the Algarve, Lisbon, UK and Cape Verde with bilingual experts. Legal and tax advice for private clients and companies. Property (sale and rental), Wills and Probate, Tax Representation, Incorporation and Employment Law and Litigation.
General legal practice, property conveyance, business set up and guidance, banking assistance, family law, inheritance, divorce, fiscal representation, litigation services. At Rua Primeiro de Maio nº9, 8800-360 Tavira.
Expatriate legal support in the areas of real estate, commercial, family, tax, intellectual property law and more.
Law office specialising in civil, commercial, property and family law matters. At Rua Salgueiro Maia Lote 8 Escritorio 1 Apartado 128, 8601-620 Lagos.
Legal practice for all aspect of Portuguese law including real estate, wills, divorce, criminal and civil.
Legal services for commercial and civil litigation, fiscal representation, real estate, property buying and selling, inheritance and family, gold visa. At Rua d Barranco, nº43 - 1ºandar Carvoeiro 8400-508.
Legal practice dealing with civil matters, commercial and fiscal issues. At Rua João de Deus, n.º 16, 8300-163 Silves.
Lawyers specialising in property law, conveyancing, tourism law, golden visas, rental licenses, wills probate, family law (divorce, inheritance), criminal and civil law, corporate law. At Rua 5 de Outubro No.17, Portimao.
Law office for property issues, counseling and defend clients for real state, commercial property, residential and nonresidential conveyance. At Av. de Ceuta ,Edificio Nova Avenida, Quarteira.
Advogada offering assistance with legal matters. Based at Rua Francisco Xavier Ataide de Oliveira 33-A, 8600-775 Lagos.
Legal practice mainly addressed to company, commercial, tourism and real estate activities. Or if looking for legal advice on property that you have found whether or not you are an investor. Rua Afonso III, Nº 51, 1º Dtº 8135-112, Almancil
Law firm based in lagoa. Assistance in civil, family, contracting, criminal and succession law matters. At Lagoa.
Local Notarie. English speaking. At Faro.
Law office with associates in the UK and Ireland focusing on non-resident clients. Online progression of files for each client and a fiscal representation service. Based at Encosta das Oliveiras 13, 8125-472 Vilamoura.
Lawyers and Solicitors. At Almancil.
Civil, commercial, administrative and criminal legal advice. Located at Rua Mouzinho Albuquerque,19 r/c – Dtº Apartado 996, 8501-920 Portimão.
Advocates in civil, immigration, penal and contracting law. Located at Av. da Republica 105 Loja 27, 8700-308 Olhao.
Law firm specialising in real estate, wills and probate, contracts and litigation. Rua Baptista Lopes 19-A, 8000-225 Faro.
Solicitor. Legal and notary services, all types of contracts and documents for property conveyance, registration, inheritance, wills, divorce, parental responsibility. At Rua do Baluarte 9, Lagos.
Local Notary. English speaking. At Castro Marim.
Legal assistance to companies and private individuals, including litigation, conveyancing, commercial and corporate law, tax law, labour law. Located Almancil
Lawers, International law office. EN125, Estrada do aeroporto, Edificio CELFIL 4, Montenegro 8005-146 Faro.
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