Mestre Construtivo

Renovation specialist including pitched and flat roofs, balconies and terraces, insulation, chimneys and ventilation, gutter systems, roof renovation, tiling, plumber works, damp proofing and carpentry. Casa Atlantico, Sitio do Palmeiral, Loule.



German building company Mestre Construtivo has been building homes in the Algarve since 2001, delivering 360° building solutions for your home and living comfort. 

Our simple premises are down to earth coupled with precise German building quality that we translate simply as “Haus Freunde!” 

Michael Pawlak is the CEO and founder. 

He learned his craft from the bottom up in Berlin and travelled the globe to pursue the building of homes his clients will treasure for life. 

Mestre Construtivo stands for German quality building in line with local tradition, local materials and combined with innovation of the latest building technologies. 

Our accurate German approach is paired with simply combined creative solutions to bring life to your home. Precision for your well-being.


Mestre Construtivo works primarily with natural building materials such as clay, plaster or cork thermal isolation that create a positive effect for your living comfort. 

Given our company heritage we do work to Germany’s DIN norm -. the basis for every executional step we take together with you.


Talk to us about your home and we will bring our expertise to a free face-to-face meeting within 72 hours followed by a free cost quote.


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