Turning Point - Reconnect Residential Treatment Program

The Turning Point Residential Program is designed to help you find new direction and awareness from a wide range of self-defeating and self-limiting issues in a calm and beautiful place close to nature.

Our aim is to bring about a decisive change in your life so that you can re-connect and come back to centre.  We help you to do this by transforming your old ideas and beliefs for new ones, that you create to encourage a fulfilling and happy life with more space for inner peace, connection and abundance.

The focus is to provide a new embodied experience that brings about lasting change and develops the resources you need in your daily life to move on from old self-limiting ideas and wounds from the past.  These issues may be expressing themselves as depression, anxiety, past trauma flashbacks, libido problems, codependency, compulsive behaviours, substance abuse, poor relationships or a level of stress that is chronic and unsupportable. You may simply be fed up the way you feel and want to find a better way of living. We offer you that opportunity either individually or in a group depending on available space.