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Tax query for UK nationals working freel... 1 Financial & Legal
Does anyone know, if you live in Portugal but work freelance for UK companies, do you only register to pay tax o...
started by: AmeliaG76 · last update: 1492865687 · posted: 1492552783
Shopping For Sofa Bed 2 Home & Garden
Hi. I'm in Alvor and was wondering where is the best place to see a good selection of sofa beds?
started by: Tomohawk-750355 · last update: 1492713265 · posted: 1492513983
Tradesem / Builder 0 Home & Garden
HelloI am getting some renovation done to my house in Vilamoura, I had planned to do fairly substantial w...
started by: Steven-Kearney-898189 · last update: 1492684132 · posted: 1492684132
How to pay house rates online 4 Financial & Legal
started by: jagjitauty · last update: 1492548455 · posted: 1491735197
Cleaning Services 0 General
I am looking for a reliable reputable cleaner to clean my apartment in Lagos. Anyone interested or who can recom...
started by: Baluka · last update: 1492545955 · posted: 1492545955
BREXIT Q & A Video Available 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1492026915 · posted: 1492026915
Airport Security Strike 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1492026819 · posted: 1492026819
Transferring EU Registration 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am a Dutch Citizen with Portuguese Residency.  I recently bought a truck in The Netherlands and drove it ...
started by: Bea-Heddes-874086 · last update: 1492013623 · posted: 1492013623
Airport transfer disappointing 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
January this year I invited my nephew to visit us in Lagos. We bought him a Greenbus ticket both ways. On the re...
started by: Adina-Jägbeck-873419 · last update: 1491944022 · posted: 1487522291
Premier FX Acquires Global Currency Serv... 0 Financial & Legal
(Note from Editor: While Algarve Live community platform is undergoing an upg...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1491926645 · posted: 1491926645
FOAM to be Cut to Size for Cushions ? 4 Home & Garden
Morning.ANyone know where I could obtain plain foam of the sort that can be cut to size for furniture cus...
started by: rhys1 · last update: 1491651455 · posted: 1491554777
iNR blood test in Valencia for warfarin... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Please can anyone advise me of where we can get an inr blood test thank you
started by: Jennie-Tucker-896837 · last update: 1491396469 · posted: 1490975850
Running & Cycling Clubs 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi, my husband and I have recently moved to the Algarve and are looking to join a running and cycling group in t...
started by: Lynn32 · last update: 1491309115 · posted: 1488637414
Short term winter rental required 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for anyone who would be interested in renting out accommodation over the winter months in the Quart...
started by: Richard Jarrett · last update: 1491052656 · posted: 1491052656
Large Portuguese flag - Lagos/Luz area 2 General
I am looking for the above to take back to the UK on 16/3 as I have a Portuguese friend who lives near me and he...
started by: island55 · last update: 1490707089 · posted: 1489206451
New Boy 0 Home & Garden
Just purchased a duplex in Vila Sol and looking for some help with finding a cleaner for initial blitz, also sug...
started by: Simon-Winson-896541 · last update: 1490695203 · posted: 1490695203
Re-fit kitchen doors 1 Home & Garden
Hi all i want to change my kitchen doors  with a more modern door is there any one that sells kitchen doors...
started by: aylesbury · last update: 1490301506 · posted: 1489333142
I.M.I. Bill 1 Financial & Legal
hi has anyone recieved their I.M.I Bill for 2017 ,i usually recieve it at my irish home adress by nowtksr...
started by: aylesbury · last update: 1490301436 · posted: 1490100771
House-Sitter, Caregiver, or Work Exchang... 1 Home & Garden
Anywhere in the Algarve: Trustworthy, responsible, mature house-sitter or caregiver available to take care of yo...
started by: Amber -Adams-892285 · last update: 1489316226 · posted: 1488732871
Long let required Albufeira-Lagos area f... 1 Home & Garden
Professional couple looking for long let (12 months) starting 15 March 2017. Albufeira to Lagos area, apa...
started by: LauraR · last update: 1489088403 · posted: 1488975093
Apartment terrace rustic red quarry tile... 2 Home & Garden
Hi there. Can anyone please advise. Due to my infrequent visits the tiles and grouting on my apartment terrace a...
started by: Steve-Baker-894501 · last update: 1488922748 · posted: 1488406112
Review of The Algarvean's Flights of Fan... 0 Entertainment
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1488905759 · posted: 1488905759
Experience of Pay as you Go SIM 0 General
I would be grateful if those of you who have a Pay as you Go SIM for your phone in Portugal could advise of the ...
started by: peterabbotts · last update: 1488789932 · posted: 1488789932
Found near Odiaxere - a racing pigeon - ... 2 Pets & Animals
On Saturday 25/2, a young racing pigeon arrived at mymother's house n...
started by: island55 · last update: 1488639823 · posted: 1488313870
Electric Fencing for Dogs 1 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know where I can buy electric fencing to keep our dog in the property. We have a really large proper...
started by: gillpatricio-750754 · last update: 1488582710 · posted: 1488459840
Creating limited company LDA 0 Financial & Legal
I understand that it's fairly easy to open a company, but i can find simple information about how to do it. Can ...
started by: Henrik-Vendelbo-894576 · last update: 1488582154 · posted: 1488582154
What are the challenges of starting rest... 0 Financial & Legal
We are looking to convert a bar to a daytime tapas bar. Any advice for things to remember and/or avoid?
started by: Henrik-Vendelbo-894576 · last update: 1488481214 · posted: 1488481214
SWAP farmhouse vineyard Spain for the Al... 0 General
SWAP or sale considered of a large stone farmhouse with a vineyard in north-west Spain, above Portugal, for a pr...
started by: LauraR · last update: 1488377818 · posted: 1488377818
Algarve Senior Bikers Ride to Almodovar 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Read about the latest journey ASB enjoyed right here: 
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1488207677 · posted: 1488207677
irish dancing classes Albufeira 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! I am moving to Albufeira and plan to organize irish dancing classes there starting from mid May...
started by: Nataliya-irishdancer · last update: 1488192559 · posted: 1488192559
Removal costs 0 General
Hi,does anyone have a rough idea of the cost of moving the contents of a 2 bedroom house from Glasgow to La...
started by: laurac-594043 · last update: 1488130762 · posted: 1488130762
Reliable Car Service in Tavira? 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Recently moved to Tavira and seeking a good reliable car servicing /repair garage/workshop in Tavira - recommendati...
started by: TonyP-748832 · last update: 1488026352 · posted: 1488026352
Intermarche Lagos - extension and refurb 2 General
Can anybody help?  I have been trying to find out when the store reopens after the above.  I looked on...
started by: island55 · last update: 1487967618 · posted: 1487756973
Learning Portuguese? 0 General
I am currently learning Portuguese and after lessons for 1.5 years I would like to get in touch with anyone else le...
started by: deresand · last update: 1487592368 · posted: 1487592368
Cost of pool maintenance 2 Home & Garden
Can anyone give me an idea as to how much it would cost per month for pool and garden maintenance. Large pool an...
started by: smiley-996114 · last update: 1487588483 · posted: 1487529034
Laying a Lawn 1 Home & Garden
Can anyone give me an idea what it would cost to supply soil and seed for a garden lawn and to lay the seed in t...
started by: smiley-996114 · last update: 1487587617 · posted: 1487528824
Hire of manual log splitter - Odiaxere 2 Home & Garden
Can anybody recommend a hire place for a manual log splitter in the Odiaxere area, please?Thanks in advan...
started by: island55 · last update: 1487089563 · posted: 1486915412
Walking group in Lagos? 2 Sport & Leisure
I am trying to find a walking group in Lagos.  I have looked in Portugal News but can find nothing showing ...
started by: island55 · last update: 1487089186 · posted: 1486918316
Aluminium Sliding Doors 1 General
Hi, any advice on replacing double glazed aluminium sliding doors? Any one recommend reliable supplier in Lagos
started by: FKELLY · last update: 1486825305 · posted: 1486752336
Van Hire 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking to hire a van for one day in March to remove a small amount of furniture. Can anyone give me the nu...
started by: Tetford1 · last update: 1486738280 · posted: 1486738280
Car matriculation 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Wanted a good agent to matriculate a classic car.I don't have the time or contacts to do it myself.Have been let...
started by: Rob benafim · last update: 1486587962 · posted: 1486469820
Covonia Chesty Cough mixture 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anybody know if/where I can purchase the above in the Lagos/Luz area, please?Thanks in ad...
started by: island55 · last update: 1486486274 · posted: 1486112497
Recommendations please Electrician/Plumb... 1 Home & Garden
We are buying a house in the Alcantarilha are and will be needing a Builder/Plumber/Electrician, any recommendat...
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1486421119 · posted: 1485858651
TV/Internet/Phone Packages in Portugal 4 Home & Garden
Hi, We are setting up home here in the Algarve and are looking for the best way of getting TV, Internet and phon...
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1486407600 · posted: 1486037889
Six Nations Rugby 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi,We're visiting the Algarve next week for a few weeks and wondering if anyone knows where we can watch ...
started by: Rosie1-548987 · last update: 1486232966 · posted: 1486232966
Hello    Could anyone tell me  the directions to the  Loule car boot sale on fir...
started by: kevin frame · last update: 1486130579 · posted: 1486130579
Customer Service Work at Home and Work P... 0 General
Hello, everyone!I am a U.S. citizen recently arrived for my 2nd time in the Algarve (Lagos area) and have...
started by: Amber -Adams-892285 · last update: 1485955303 · posted: 1485955303
Demolition costs 0 Home & Garden
We are in the process of buying a property but the survey says that it needs demolishing - either completely, or...
started by: Amy-Grace-872671 · last update: 1485855712 · posted: 1485855712
Algarve Senior Bikers First 2017 Ride 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
An article from David Shirley with photos by J...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1485719351 · posted: 1485719351
One man and his dog raise over €1,500 0 General
A great article has just been published on Algarve Live about Colin MacBean and his pal Roly. Head over to read ...
started by: DGD · last update: 1485337894 · posted: 1485337894