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Speak Portuguese? 0 General
I have been taking lessons for over a year and would like to get together with anyone in the same situation. &nb...
started by: deresand · last update: 1469035484 · posted: 1469035484
Architects required 2 Home & Garden
Hi all, I've just bought a townhouse in Lagos that needs renovation and another storey added. Would anyone have ...
started by: Andy-Davison-864656 · last update: 1468936381 · posted: 1468582743
gardener wanted bensafrim 5 Home & Garden
garden needing clearing near lagos
started by: suewar · last update: 1468867659 · posted: 1465637674
Handy man wanted. 0 General
I am looking for a handy man to install  windows in my basement . Digging out and block cutting involved . ...
started by: Fabian-752204 · last update: 1468858876 · posted: 1468858876
Plumber toilet cisterns - Required 1 Home & Garden
Hi all, I am searching for a reliable and local English speaking Plumber in the area of Armacao de Pera.  I...
started by: nickkneen242 · last update: 1468844521 · posted: 1466671639
Clube Nautico at Rocha Branco ... 1 General
Hello does anyone know location of Clube Nautico at Rocha Branco and how close to Silves   &nbs...
started by: kevin frame · last update: 1468826573 · posted: 1468788281
Parking @ Lisbon Airport. 0 Non-local
Does anyone know of any hotels in the vicinity of Lisbon Airport where you can park for a week or two if you spe...
started by: Emnm · last update: 1468687128 · posted: 1468687128
Lady of the rock 4 General
Hi, I am looking to renew my vows in June 2017 and really like the look of doing it at lady of the rock , but fo...
started by: Tracey-Wicks-864658 · last update: 1468668697 · posted: 1468583741
Woodworking Workshop 3 Home & Garden
Hello, Can anyone help please. I need to get some wood cut to a specific size. I am looking for a woodworking wo...
started by: jim.h748 · last update: 1468666388 · posted: 1468574067
Algarve Senior Bikers Summer Ride 0 General
Despite the temperature being 36c, the ASB had an enjoyable ride and lunch during their most recent journey. Rea...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1468420049 · posted: 1468420049
Looking for a diviner for something lost... 0 General
Good afternoon!  I am looking for a diviner to find a very (sentimentally) precious lost thing.  
started by: island55 · last update: 1467988533 · posted: 1467988533
Algarve Senior Bikers 1 General
A new article has been published with details of the ASB's latest ride along with some stunning photos. Have a l...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1467902540 · posted: 1467625502
Estadio Albufeira Municipal stadium 1 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone please tell me where the Estadio Albufeira Municipal Stadium is located. Sheffield Wednesday are play...
started by: Cwood-877224 · last update: 1467902323 · posted: 1467449352
Retirement to Algarve following Brexit. 4 AngloINFO Support
Hi.  We are planning to buy a property in the Algarve with the intention of retiring there in 5 years time....
started by: wendy1965 · last update: 1467742765 · posted: 1467313903
CANOEING 2 Sport & Leisure
Hello      Can anyone tell me lakes or rivers in Algarve or near where you can canoe ...
started by: kevin frame · last update: 1467741030 · posted: 1467631895
Paying property tax 1 Financial & Legal
Has ANYONE paid property tax while not living in Portugal? I live elsewhere and wish to pay my tax but have diff...
started by: kennethkeen · last update: 1467676298 · posted: 1466601610
Osteopath 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of a good English speaking Osteopath (not chiro or physio) in the Algarve, preferably between A...
started by: sadieladle · last update: 1466965076 · posted: 1466593334
Restaurant Suggestion 0 Food & Drink
We have friends visiting in Alvor in 2 weeks and would love to suggest a great seafood restaurant. I'm not famil...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466883804 · posted: 1466883804
euros 0 General
 anybody know why has filmon stopped showing the euro football finals
started by: malky-970324 · last update: 1466706002 · posted: 1466706002
Car Insurance 2 General
We are looking to insure our car and was wondering if anyone can recommend a company that they have found effici...
started by: kay22-934632 · last update: 1466438620 · posted: 1466327020
HIRE ALL SHOP 0 Home & Garden
Hello  does anyone know if there is a hire all shop in Portimão ot Lagos, need a pressure washer, any help...
started by: garygaroid · last update: 1466334027 · posted: 1466334027
Algarve Senior Bikers 6th Anniversary Lu... 0 General
A new article by David Shirley of Algarve Senior Bikers has been published about their celebratory ride and lunc...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466072152 · posted: 1466072152
Residency in Portugal 1 General
Morning,Does anyone know whether you have to re-apply for Residency should you change address in Portugal...
started by: John-Emery-852314 · last update: 1465998672 · posted: 1465975207
Long Term Rental in country around Ferra... 0 General
started by: maryanne-891566 · last update: 1465827273 · posted: 1465827273
Will the upcoming Euros be shown on norm... 2 Sport & Leisure
Will the upcoming Euros be shown on normal television we have sky but at the moment do not get itv or the bbc. t...
started by: leedsandproud · last update: 1465196455 · posted: 1464964166
New Penalty Points System for Driving Li... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
A new system of penalty points for traffic violations came into force today, June 1
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1464950966 · posted: 1464808500
A New Lions Club Came to Lagos 0 General
Did you know that there is a new chartered Lions Club in Lagos? Read the article, just published, and find out m...
started by: DGD · last update: 1464651933 · posted: 1464651933
How Two Dutch Sisters Boost Maritime Tou... 0 Sport & Leisure recently issued a press release talking about their experience raising maritine tourism along th...
started by: DGD · last update: 1464624477 · posted: 1464624477
What is the procedure after a car accide... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: Eileen-McDowell-860692 · last update: 1464619844 · posted: 1464430585
Bon Bon – the newest Michelin star on ... 0 Food & Drink
Algarve Live's latest article is a restaurant review with fantastic images. Head that way to enjoy a great revie...
started by: DGD · last update: 1464352379 · posted: 1464352379
Pet Insurance / Local Vets 4 Pets & Animals
Good day all, I am seeking advice as importing our pet moggy in June.  Seeking a reputable link to gain pet...
started by: nickkneen242 · last update: 1464346814 · posted: 1463829861
Car wash near Almancil 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone recommend a car wash near Almancil? Preferably a hand car wash. Long drive down from the UK and the f...
started by: fzlths · last update: 1464323352 · posted: 1464323352
Driving Licence Form !?. 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Afternoon All, Can Any one send me a Direct Link, so I Can Just Print Off. For the Form to Exchange English Lice...
started by: govna46 · last update: 1464289162 · posted: 1463663096
Gym in Lagos 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, I am a pro athelte and am looking for a fully equipped gym to train at  while I am staying in the Lagos...
started by: milla · last update: 1464257555 · posted: 1464098407
Fertile Chicken Eggs 1 Pets & Animals
Hi again... not use to this new layout :-/Has anyone got some fertile chicken eggs that we can buy, our h...
started by: Lesnjules · last update: 1464090146 · posted: 1464080547
Buying a used car 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
HiCan someone advise how  i check if a used car im buying has got any outstanding finance or other d...
started by: baxter14 · last update: 1464044232 · posted: 1463725850
Great Roads, Great Views, Great Weather ... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
There is a new article by David Shirley of ASB sharing the events of their latest ride from Silves via the Odalo...
started by: DGD · last update: 1464019842 · posted: 1464019842
Classified uploads 3 AngloINFO Support
Can somebody advise me why, when I try to place an advertisement on on the anglo site, consisting of two photo's...
started by: Richard-Frazer-Axten-857104 · last update: 1463950302 · posted: 1463484247
Help - Toll card Top Up advice please 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, I have just returned my UK Reg car to UK and I am bringing a different one back over.  I have registere...
started by: nickkneen242 · last update: 1463911307 · posted: 1463830176
Monkey Bike Enthusiasts 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Any body else like these little bikes and fancy a relaxed expedition now and then to some suitable eatery get in...
started by: Peterp1per · last update: 1463338565 · posted: 1463338565
EU Referendum - Overseas Voters and Vote... 0 General
A new article...
started by: DGD · last update: 1463322111 · posted: 1463322111
Lagos Football Team 2 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone give me some information on the Soccer Club who are based in Lagos including their fixtures etc?
started by: FKELLY · last update: 1463153711 · posted: 1463082621
Broadband 5 Home & Garden
Signed up with Meo for broadband/ tv /phone, should have been at 9.30 this morning to sort it but didn't arrive,...
started by: Nicola-Montgomery-852168 · last update: 1463127501 · posted: 1462456286
Expats Set to Vote in Favour of Staying ... 0 General
The survey results are in! Head over to Algarve Live to read all about it:
started by: DGD · last update: 1463101044 · posted: 1463101044
Grapefruit juice 1 Food & Drink
Hello all,Does anyone know where to buy grapefruit juice in the Algarve? Preferably pure pink grapefruit ...
started by: Lawrence-Morgan-856508 · last update: 1462983687 · posted: 1462893264
How Are You Going to Vote? 0 General
Take the survey and give your opinion about the upcoming UK EU referendum on 
started by: DGD · last update: 1462825612 · posted: 1462825612
Two abandoned sterilized cats need forev... 3 Pets & Animals
Can anybody offer these two cats a h...
started by: James · last update: 1462801160 · posted: 1462385951
IMTT and Drivers License 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I want to update everyone on my recent IMTT experience. I hired a guy to go to the...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1462542826 · posted: 1462528432
Angloinfo voted 2nd for Best Newsletter 0 General
The Expat Survey polled 27,000 English-speakers living abroad on a range of online services. Angloinfo ca...
started by: DGD · last update: 1462530007 · posted: 1462530007
IMTT 1 General
Can anybody tell me how to contact the imtt ( driving license) office in faro, other than having to go there and...
started by: tomtom-753845 · last update: 1462430571 · posted: 1462379734