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Hairdresser wanted - experience with long... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone with long thick curly hair recommend a good hairdresser within 25km of Albufeira. I need my hair relayer
started by: Trix018 · last update: 1518888696 · posted: 1518888696
Palm tree plague? 1 Home & Garden
Hello everybody, I'm Dutch and new to this forum. I just bought a place near Monchique. Some of the fronds of my pa
started by: Desiree-Blankenburgh-922493 · last update: 1518732358 · posted: 1518724862
Architect in Vilamoura 0 Home & Garden
We are looking for an architect who speaks English to draw up plans to extend our villa in Vilamoura. Any recommend
started by: Liz-Whitehead-922486 · last update: 1518715229 · posted: 1518715229
Lost drone (please help) 0 General
While on holiday I lost my £600 drone off portomao. I is on a rocky out crop which is accessible at low tide. Unfo
started by: Keith Hook · last update: 1518446885 · posted: 1518446885
Flowers 2 Home & Garden
Hi Everyone, Looking to find a flower wholesalers or something along those lines to buy flowers in bulk. Does anyon
started by: Brooke-Lancaster-921708 · last update: 1518433508 · posted: 1517953767
plants in pots 0 Home & Garden
Any one out there looking to build up their plant collection we must have about 20 plants in pots available some pl
started by: CountryVilla · last update: 1518148324 · posted: 1518148324
Playparks for Toddlers 0 Families & Kids
We are renting in Vilamoura until April and have 2 and 4 year old grandkids who will be visiting for a week later t
started by: Maryem-104244 · last update: 1518043495 · posted: 1518043495
Want to build a large shed - can anyone recommend... 1 Home & Garden
Wanting to build a shed for outdoors, for doing diy and using to store furniture that husband is making etc. They s
started by: AmeliaG76 · last update: 1517939984 · posted: 1515429737
Golf in Algarve 1 Sport & Leisure
My wife and I are retiring  to the Algarve next year and I would like to ask some advice: To all the golfers o
started by: Dave-Edsberg-920027 · last update: 1517928305 · posted: 1516423389
How to Retrieve Portuguese Tax Return Form 0 General
Hello, in September 2017 I became an NHR tax resident here in Palmela, Portugal and need to fill a tax return form.
started by: mickjohn · last update: 1517753947 · posted: 1517753947
Purchasing Plastic Sun Flowers 0 Home & Garden
Does anybody know where I could purchase large plastic sunflowers in the Portimão, Alvor, Lagos area?
started by: Tomohawk-750355 · last update: 1517750961 · posted: 1517750961
Rental property tax 2 Financial & Legal
Hi we need to do a tax return for our rental property for the first time.  Is there anywhere that we can find
started by: Karen -Pidcock-891126 · last update: 1517574272 · posted: 1515157068
Building illegalities. 1 Home & Garden
Under Portuguese law the owner of a property is responsible for any illegal parts of the structure, even though tho
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1517572614 · posted: 1515399896
Van for Ikea (Man with a Van?) 1 Home & Garden
Hi guys, I’m based abroad and have some friends that will be in the Algarve to collect some furniture for me at t
started by: Daffodil85 · last update: 1516795910 · posted: 1511132034
Faro Apartment 1 General
Hello there! I am looking for some room or flat in Faro. I will come at 27th of January. I will stay there for 6 mo
started by: Šimon-Kořán-920051 · last update: 1516455709 · posted: 1516455227
Washing Machine Repairs Recommendation Please... 8 Home & Garden
Hi, I live in the Lagos area and would be grateful if someone could recommend a good washing machine repair person
started by: Wendy-Dochanty-919283 · last update: 1516096264 · posted: 1515753553
Need advice / information in relocating to... 2 Families & Kids
We are a family of 4. Two children 7 and 9. We are seriously thinking to move to the eastern algarve possibly Tavir
started by: suzycook · last update: 1515429446 · posted: 1459545332
State Schools in Lagos 1 Families & Kids
Hi there,My husband and I are moving in August to Lagos and we have three kids 7, 5 and 2.  I was wondering if
started by: Mazza27 · last update: 1515429269 · posted: 1469791875
Schools - Eastern Algarve (Tavira area) 2 Families & Kids
What are peoples experiences of the schooling there (International) .  Have a 10yr old boy (be nearly 11 by th
started by: Deborah-Cable-913203 · last update: 1515429078 · posted: 1509282050
Painter 0 Home & Garden
Hi can anybody suggest a good painter in the Vila Sol area? i'm looking to get some interior painting done through
started by: Simon896541 · last update: 1515419599 · posted: 1515419599