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looking to meet other expats in Algarve,... 0 AngloINFO Support
HI - me and my young family are looking to relocate to Portugal sometime next year but we have a trip planned in Ju
started by: robyn-davidson-903340 · last update: 1498502599 · posted: 1498502598
Stone farmhouse with fabulous views and 1/2 acre producingvineyard in Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain. Sale or swap f
started by: LauraR · last update: 1498490370 · posted: 1498490369
home exchange 0 Home & Garden
Hi, we are a family looking at options for a 6 month home exchange. We have a home in France (poitou-charente regio
started by: cherfleur · last update: 1498457758 · posted: 1498457757
Can someone explain please what expenses we will incur when selling our property in the Algarve.Also, do the Portug
started by: Sunamigos · last update: 1498430919 · posted: 1498430917
Tax bill for rental property in UK, help... 0 Financial & Legal
I  have a financial question.We are tax residents in portugal.We have a rental flat in the UKon an interest on
started by: Verinia · last update: 1498225634 · posted: 1498225633
Van hire one way- UK to Portugal 11 General
Hello,     Does anyone know a company where I can hire a van to pick up in the UK and drop off in Portuga
started by: broadfield · last update: 1498200344 · posted: 1420202367
Blue badge (disabled parking) 5 General
Please, does anybody know whether there is a form we can download to apply for the above for a family member? If so
started by: island55 · last update: 1498126978 · posted: 1497685159
Getting rid of ants 4 General
Hi all. Anyone know how to eradicate ant infestation under roof tiles? Lagos areaThanks!
started by: island55 · last update: 1497684876 · posted: 1497214603
Long term rental in Lagos 0 General
Hello,We are a young family with a baby boy who will turn 1 in couple of months. We want to move to live in Lagos f
started by: Dilyan-Krastev-902478 · last update: 1497613417 · posted: 1497613415
going on meo website 2 AngloINFO Support
hi there, i went to the meo shop in faro town and told that i can go on the website click on a button in the top ri
started by: kirk-gibson-891719 · last update: 1497298660 · posted: 1497178268
Two visually impaired young people to have... 0 General
A new article has just been published on Algarve Live that talks about how these two people will receive their dogs
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1496924014 · posted: 1496924013
Selling Property and deposits 2 Financial & Legal
Hello Does anyone know when selling a property what the legal policy is regarding the signing of a promissory note
started by: Tom -Jarvis-862133 · last update: 1496833243 · posted: 1495353675
Condominium Law 1 Financial & Legal
I am experiencing issues with my condominium management company in that they run the AGM in Portuguese (this does n
started by: Tomohawk-750355 · last update: 1496833076 · posted: 1496828986
Wasp removal - Odiaxere/Lagos 3 General
The wasps are starting to show interest in nesting in the shutter frames again this year.  Can anybody suggest
started by: island55 · last update: 1496573473 · posted: 1496283220
Snooker table 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi, I have a professional Riley snooker table for sale. But I have absolutely no idea where I can find people
started by: Tim-Claus-901283 · last update: 1496317503 · posted: 1496317502
UK reg 2011 Mazda2 1.3 for sale 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Perfect for someone wanting to drive back to the UK: UK reg RHD car, Mazda2, 2011 reg, 1.3 TS, 5 doors, manual, pet
started by: LauraR · last update: 1496069166 · posted: 1495535226
Visa attorneys in the Algarve 2 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a good attorney to help me with the visa process in the Algarve area?  I am a U.S. citize
started by: Cathy-McKay-900050 · last update: 1496004162 · posted: 1495831036
Military Surplus or Camping Store 2 General
Hello, Does anyone know whether there is a military surplus store or a camping store somewhere in the Algarve?
started by: Amy-Ter Beke-868396 · last update: 1496003553 · posted: 1495642516
Small Villa for holiday 1-2 weeks wanted... 0 Home & Garden
Small villa with private pool wanted any dates:-  25th June - 15th July really need 1-2 weeks break. We lived
started by: carolrallings · last update: 1495973931 · posted: 1495973929
Sofa needs Re-Upholstery 2 Home & Garden
Hi I am looking for a good company that can re-upholster my sofa-bed does anyone know a company? I have also ha
started by: massimo181 · last update: 1495786895 · posted: 1244470959