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professional boxing trainer 0 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone, anywhere know if there's a boxing club, somewhere in Portugal. Years ago I remembered exchanging a Can
started by: Tony Jose-Pimentel-912022 · last update: 1508290282 · posted: 1508290282
professional boxing trainer 0 Sport & Leisure
Can someone direct me to a boxing club, if any in Algarve . I would like to retire in Portugal somewhere that has a
started by: Tony Jose-Pimentel-912022 · last update: 1508154501 · posted: 1508154501
Cheaper life insurance for apt mortgage 0 Financial & Legal
I think the life insurance attached to my mortgage on my apt is way too high at 73 euro per month and I only have 5
started by: john lynas · last update: 1507720543 · posted: 1507720543
Welcome to the Sport Forum 2 Sport & Leisure
 This forum is for discussing sport in and around the Algarve-----Forums Administrationalgarve.f
started by: Admin-742445 · last update: 1507493192 · posted: 1178755200
Golf set 4 General
Hello,I would like to sell my golf set, but I have no idea about the pricing or where to sell it. Does anybody know
started by: Sheree-Green-906777 · last update: 1506934137 · posted: 1502201498
plumbers 0 Home & Garden
Has anyone used Helder Martins in Loule for plumbing work?  We have had poor workmanship done by them and an a
started by: Peter-Trevett-910540 · last update: 1506591674 · posted: 1506591674
Galp-Continente Electric bills 0 Home & Garden
Hi has anyone received their bill for August and September 2017 or do you know when they are due ?Many thanks for a
started by: tonyandmarcia · last update: 1506589373 · posted: 1506589373
Plasterer 0 Home & Garden
Hi, We are looking for a plasterer in the Alcantarilha Gare area.... any recommendations? Only 1/2 days work.
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1505940803 · posted: 1505940803
Hire a nailgun 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me where I can hire a nailgun in the algarve? 
started by: Adam-Clarke-880532 · last update: 1505891006 · posted: 1505666935
Handing in Residencia on UK Return 2 General
I'm returning full-time to the UK after about 3 years in the Algarve. I do not have a residencia card, just a paper
started by: exiledpoacher-980681 · last update: 1503987821 · posted: 1503049124
TV on the go 0 General
Hi we are driving down to algarve soon stopping overnight in france and spain, anyadvice on what UK TV we will be a
started by: baxter14 · last update: 1503214916 · posted: 1503214916
Computer/internet support and maintenance... 1 General
Now that our brilliant support has moved out of the area, I am asking for PERSONAL recommendations for an individua
started by: island55 · last update: 1502291756 · posted: 1502291493
Looking for a McTimoney Chiropractor in/near... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I see that I posted a few years ago for the same and was kindly answered regarding a practitioner in Monchique/Luz.
started by: island55 · last update: 1502290872 · posted: 1498897294
Cod live oil capsules 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can get Cod Liver Oil Capsules here in the Algarve. If not, does anyone get Holland
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1502186946 · posted: 1502029298
yard sale 6 General
Hi does anyone now the correct translation to portuguese for yard sale or maybe car boot sale as we are having one
started by: tonyandmarcia · last update: 1501947334 · posted: 1501408484
Portable Healthcare Document (S1) 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am now in Portugal for 6 months in the year and would like to apply for residency.  Portuguese law states th
started by: SueWilson49 · last update: 1501017795 · posted: 1500566712
Returning to UK Permanently 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
If a UK driving license has been registered with the IMT, do you need to inform them and/or return the paperwork to
started by: exiledpoacher-980681 · last update: 1501015087 · posted: 1499877653
Scrap Metal 1 General
Hi, We have recently renovated a house in the Alcantarilha area and have a load of scrap metal to dispose of, does
started by: marlenemfr · last update: 1501014945 · posted: 1500879496
Orange Juicer WDF-OJ150 1 Food & Drink
Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement parts for the above commercial Orange juicer as the peeler part has
started by: Andrew-Russell-905607 · last update: 1501014812 · posted: 1500977059
Looking for long term rental for Feb\March... 2 General
We are a married couple (66 and 65 years old) who would like to rent for the above period, but dates are approximat
started by: Maryem-104244 · last update: 1500665421 · posted: 1500358819