started by: scott Braswell · last update: 1627316347 · posted: 1459424947

Hi my name is Scott Braswell. My wife and I purchased a property in Salema in 2011 from PPI Realty. We hired a Lawyer named Dinis Martins and gave him Power of Attorney in the purchase as we were still living in the United States. Little did we know this Lawyer turned out to be a corrupt, criminal lawyer who has since been suspended. This lawyer extorted 60,000 Euro from my wife and myself and at least 10 other people as well. This now suspended lawyer is currently still conducting business at PPI which should not be allowed unless PPI and this Lawyer are working together. We have since had to seek another lawyer to attempt to reach a monetary agreement with the Persons who have sued us in a 3 1/2 year lawsuit. The Court of Appeal in Evora ordered 14 square meters of our home to be demolished on April 30, 2016 unless an agreement is reached. We feel battered and treated like cockroaches. We were misled by PPI in the purchase of a property PPI sold us and we were fraudulently represented by a lawyer sanctioned as suspended and license revoked by the legal  licensing body of Portugal which means he was extorting fees and using PPI as his office for is illegal network of doing business. In fact, this lawyer continues to use the office of PPI to do other business. I would like to know if anyone else in the area has experienced a similar problem. 

started by: jordan6223 · last update: 1619759266 · posted: 1422698413

We-a English/Dutch couple-are seeking a long term rental at the end of 2015/beginning 2016 preferably with ocean view or 2-3 km inland. We will be coming over in May to check out Portugal and see if we like it enough to move there. Thinking of : house/villa/apartment furnished kitchen and bathroom modern some space outside (even a garden) minimal 2 bedrooms not too far from airport (max.100 km)  Anyone have anything??

started by: nessiebear · last update: 1619506779 · posted: 1461109039

I have tried now for 3 days in a row to place an item for sale. The photos will not upload and the site automatically crops the photo and I am unable to stop it doing this. The screen then freezes and I have to close it down. I see that very few advertisements have been placed over a period of days and with the old site they were placed every hour of the day. Is the problem I describe a general problem? I never had problems in the past and placed numerous advertisements with ease. Please can someone make this site user friendly again!

started by: robyn-davidson-903340 · last update: 1619164008 · posted: 1498502598

HI - me and my young family are looking to relocate to Portugal sometime next year but we have a trip planned in July - a holiday combined with exploration of the Algarve area. I would be interested in meeting any other expats who live in the area to offer any tips and advice on everything from cost of living, renting houses and childcare. Willing to meet anywhere as we are grateful for the help!

started by: nickkneen242 · last update: 1617787740 · posted: 1451410286

Good day all, Myself and my lady are in the process of purchasing and relocating in the New Year to the Algarve.  I have done my due diligence and exhaustive checks and what where and how.  That said, I would welcome any advice from driving down from Santander, to the local legislation and troubles to expect in the legal, utilities and lifestyle changes.   If any of you good expats have produced an upto date brief and or can point me towards a relevant web page, info would be much appreciated on for example best fully comp car insurance and property/contents insurance, health cover and mobile phone contracts etc etc. Any detail most welcome, thank you in advance.............. Kind regards and Happy New Year.. N&J

started by: Angloinfo ADMIN · last update: 1617004490 · posted: 1581543576

Hi all, I am 13 weeks pregnant, staying in Portugal, a non resident. I plan to have the baby in the uk but will stay in Portugal until I am about 32 weeks with a couple of visits back to the uk for scans and midwife care through the NHS. I want to know if I need to see a doctor or have an emergency in the Algarve where is it best to go? I have travel insurance which will cover emergency medical costs. I speak pigeon Portuguese so in an emergency English speaking professionals would be a plus. I am based near Lagos. There is a private hospital there but I don’t think they have a specialised maternity unit? Any advice/experience much appreciated. Thanks 

started by: rapho-660717 · last update: 1614238587 · posted: 1429762502

Hallo I would like plese to resubscribe to your newsletter as may well b coming to live in Tavira area soon. Thanks

started by: Dawn-Hunter-934556 · last update: 1552423854 · posted: 1552423854

Can anyone give me any info on getting a boar hole In the Algarve ?? Thanks

started by: david-macdonald-857893 · last update: 1475501762 · posted: 1475073369

Hi very new to the website, but not to Portugal and in particular around the Quarteira and Vilamoura area although restricted to holidays. Myself and the wife have looked at properties and we were hoping to get serious about this in around 5 years time, unfortunately my wife was made redundant recently and we are now considering moving to Portugal ideally around the Quartiera, Vilamoura area. Can anyone point us in the right direction of whether they feel you should rent first for say 6-12 months or to take the plunge and buy straight away. Any advice very welcome

started by: jeanne mortimer · last update: 1475329141 · posted: 1475076327

everytime i try to advertise something for sale it does not get passed ADDING YOUR CONTENT         HELP

started by: wendy1965 · last update: 1467742765 · posted: 1467313903

Hi.  We are planning to buy a property in the Algarve with the intention of retiring there in 5 years time.  We have been looking for property for the last few months and were intending to buy this Summer.  However with the recent  upsetting Brexit vote we are concerned about what may happen in the future with the UK's relationship with the EU.  My thoughts tend to be to wait until it is all settled (whatever that may look like).  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thank you.  Wendy 

started by: Richard-Frazer-Axten-857104 · last update: 1463950302 · posted: 1463484247

Can somebody advise me why, when I try to place an advertisement on on the anglo site, consisting of two photo's and some text it takes forever. I have tried three times now and after waiting over two hours for a submission completion, I just give up. Help!!

started by: jady-752607 · last update: 1462314464 · posted: 1462027158

where in settings (or where??) can I access my profile and change my email address??

started by: Woodlands-924558 · last update: 1461770198 · posted: 1461770198

Advice please.  My neighbours have had renovations to their house which are now complete.  Their builder has abandoned a large van and an unsightly pile of building material adjacent to my house on some spare land. It is in plain view of any visitors, who comment on it. For the last five months the builder has promised this material will be removed. My neighbours are unhelpful. I have emailed the local Camera and the GNR requesting assistance which has not been forthcoming.  Who else can I appeal to?  I live just outside Monchique in a rural country park area frequented by tourists. 

started by: jady-752607 · last update: 1461397958 · posted: 1458065113

I used to regularly check out currency conversions on the old Anglo site, Now disappointed it doesn't appear to be incorporated on this new one.  All looks too busy and not user friendly at the moment

started by: nelinha · last update: 1460368156 · posted: 1459875933

I am very confused with your site! After login as a member, I tried to post a comment on the blog Review- Down at the Old Bull and Bush and the comment icon did not work at all.Also, after login as a member if I go to Community Life- Local blogs, only two listings appear. All other blogs are unavailable.Please confirm that the comment icon is working/not working.Please make your site navigation easier.Regards,Manuela Nolasco Lamers

started by: Honey1-748374 · last update: 1458417183 · posted: 1457939958

sorry your "new" site is a mess...too many gaps on page..on your "general" classified section you have three repeat adds for same item...i posted an advert and yet under "appliances" its says noting listed I tried to mark an item as sold yet after 15 mins it was still loading there do not appear to many new items for sale so perhaps others find it hard on here too why was there any need to change what was working fine before..not every change is an improvement

started by: Honey1-748374 · last update: 1426148647 · posted: 1424697730

Noticed in recent items that those who advertise are placing multiple adverts per each item, which thus dominates the whole page and  forces anyone else off the main section   would it not be fairer to have any advertiser list their items on one advert rather than one advert per one  item

started by: tombo-742994 · last update: 1421503640 · posted: 1421496620

Where is the inbox located? I do not see it in my profile.

started by: AJK1947 · last update: 1420505555 · posted: 1420490568

People say they have PM'd me - how do I read them and respond ? Thanks

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