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Axl Rose



Hi my name is Scott Braswell. My wife and I purchased a property in Salema in 2011 from PPI Realty. We hired a Lawyer named Dinis Martins and gave him Power of Attorney in the purchase as we were still living in the United States. Little did we know this Lawyer turned out to be a corrupt, criminal lawyer who has since been suspended. This lawyer extorted 60,000 Euro from my wife and myself and at least 10 other people as well. This now suspended lawyer is currently still conducting business at PPI which should not be allowed unless PPI and this Lawyer are working together. We have since had to seek another lawyer to attempt to reach a monetary agreement with the Persons who have sued us in a 3 1/2 year lawsuit. The Court of Appeal in Evora ordered 14 square meters of our home to be demolished on April 30, 2016 unless an agreement is reached. We feel battered and treated like cockroaches. We were misled by PPI in the purchase of a property PPI sold us and we were fraudulently represented by a lawyer sanctioned as suspended and license revoked by the legal  licensing body of Portugal which means he was extorting fees and using PPI as his office for is illegal network of doing business. In fact, this lawyer continues to use the office of PPI to do other business. I would like to know if anyone else in the area has experienced a similar problem. 


kelissa 1459674202

My heart goes out to you. I was also scammed out of a large amount of money. Not as much as you people. But I know how you feel.
Some friends of mine advised me not to go to a solicitor unless it was absolutely guaranteed
that he was trustworthy. They have already lost a massive amount of money to one. (not far from Evora)
I have no answers for you, but my love and sympathy.

marioline 1459800346

i'm sorry about what happened to you and I'm sorry I can't give you any advice. Just one suggestion: copy your message and add it to the section "Financial & Legal" - yoy may get more usefull responses there. Good luck!

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