started by: Cindy-Alexander-997633 · last update: 1626452797 · posted: 1624977914

I have completed the matriculation paperwork/inspections/alterations for my vehicle and submitted my request.  They have come back and advised I have to pay 6000 euros in tax.  I was under the impression that an individual can matriculate 1 car without paying this exorbitant tax.  Can any help me with this please or know someone who can.  Many thanks 

started by: Kiki-M-974774 · last update: 1626086442 · posted: 1603455588

I have a rather old SUV that has to be constantly repaired. So I decided to buy a new one. I am not very good at cars, but now there is a very large selection. Help determine, please

started by: nickkneen242 · last update: 1621837879 · posted: 1469531348

Dear all, I am slightly confused as to what is the legal requirement given that the pages here state a test centre certificate and noise assessment is required yet the government state MOT's are required from this October for machines over 250cc.  I have just imported my Harley on UK plates with a UK headlight and my current UK MOT expires in August.  I seek advice on what is the law as even speaking at my local GNR HQ I have obtained different advice!  I have the machine insured Fully comp 365 days EU use, but I wonder if I need to carry a road worthiness certificate.  Anybody sure of the actual Law?  Regards Nick.I am also seeking an EU headlight for a 1200c Harley Sportster should anybody have one available please.

started by: Rob benafim · last update: 1620805762 · posted: 1486469820

Wanted a good agent to matriculate a classic car.I don't have the time or contacts to do it myself.Have been let down by one already so do not need timewasters or advice on how to do it I am not new to the Algarve.Tia

started by: john hancock-753833 · last update: 1618991216 · posted: 1482957227

Hi everyone, does anyone know of any UK reg cars for sale? I sell used parts and need a few cars to dismantle.Anything considered, next day pick up guaranteed.

started by: exiledpoacher-980681 · last update: 1617961803 · posted: 1499877653

If a UK driving license has been registered with the IMT, do you need to inform them and/or return the paperwork to them upon permanent move back to the UK?

started by: Spider-942916 · last update: 1615536578 · posted: 1419776073

My wife went to Faro on the 11th July to renew here Portuguese Driving Licence. She paid the €30 fee and was told it would be about 6 months b4 she gets it back. In the meantime she was given the standard bit of A4 paper to confirm it was in for renewal should she get pulled by the Police. This paper  is valid until the 11th Jan 2015 and as yet her new licence hasn't come back. If it still hasn't returned by the time the temporary piece of paper expires does she have to go all the way to Faro to get the paper renewed or can she just carry on using it past the11th Jan? as no doubt if she gets stopped by the police they would know what is happening with her licence via their computer system........or am I assuming too much here!! Amazingly an elderly friend who has to renew her licence every 2 years sent it in for renewal in September and got it back in just 2 weeks! Maybe one of you clever people out there has had the same problem so your advice/experience on this matter may help me out. Happy New Year to you all  

started by: Andre-Laranjo-972371 · last update: 1610961468 · posted: 1600637644

Hi, I'm moving to Portugal and have a German license car (that I'll be registering in Portugal) and I have a UK trailer. Can I tow a British plate trailer with a German plate car? Or do I need to register the trailer in Germany as well? Thanks

started by: Alan -Washington -981178 · last update: 1610484003 · posted: 1610484003

When I changed my licence from UK to prortuges driving licence I was given a temporary Portuguese driving licence. Which runs out end of this month..January... does anybody know if I can just turn up at faro imtt. To renew it ..?? 

started by: Graham-Speak-943063 · last update: 1571597031 · posted: 1571597031

Hi, my mother-in-law is 88 and I believe she needs to register her licence at the IMT in Faro. (She is an excellent driver)The info from Faro is that this procedure currently takes all day, is there another way to register her licence without her standing around all day?She has Portuguese residency now but I believe that she now has 90 days to register her licence.Any help/advice appreciated.Grea

started by: Deja1957 · last update: 1510499799 · posted: 1510499799

Looking for recommendations for good garages in the Albufeira area please.

started by: LauraR · last update: 1496069166 · posted: 1495535226

Perfect for someone wanting to drive back to the UK: UK reg RHD car, Mazda2, 2011 reg, 1.3 TS, 5 doors, manual, petrol, 40.000 miles, 3500 Euros. Albufeira area.

started by: Bea-Heddes-874086 · last update: 1493416066 · posted: 1492013623

I am a Dutch Citizen with Portuguese Residency.  I recently bought a truck in The Netherlands and drove it back to Portugal with the intention to make it into a motorhome.I have searched for how to transfer the registration to Portuguese but I am having a difficult time finding the calculation of taxes and which category the vehicle falls into on this link.  IT also doesn't seem to offer the option for a used vehicle to be firt registered before 2005?https://aduaneiro.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt/jsp/main.jsp?body=/ia/simuladorISV.jspIt is a 3 seater, 3 tonne Box truck manufactured in 1998.Can anyone offer any asssistance?Thanks

started by: TonyP-748832 · last update: 1488026352 · posted: 1488026352

Recently moved to Tavira and seeking a good reliable car servicing /repair garage/workshop in Tavira - recommendations from personal experience very welcome!  If English spoken, an advantage but not essential.  Thanks!

started by: Adina-Jägbeck-873419 · last update: 1487586839 · posted: 1487522291

January this year I invited my nephew to visit us in Lagos. We bought him a Greenbus ticket both ways. On the return way the car happened to hit a fox. The delay caused by this accident caused my nephew to miss his flight. Although very polite I don'the seem to be able to get the transfer company to take any responsibility for his loss. Anybody havIing similar experience? Any advice?

started by: pauldh18 · last update: 1486407802 · posted: 1484819949

Hello.I am looking for a British Garrage with Autogas / LPG experience or one with at least an english speaking staff?Any place in the Algarve or even Portugal would be great. I need a repair done on a fairly complex LGP install and need to be able to communicate the issue over to them as easy as possible.Any recommendations?Thanks,Paul.

started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1485719351 · posted: 1485719351

An article from David Shirley with photos by John Heffernan about the latest ride, the first of the new year, for ASB. Have a read right here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/algarve-live/2017/01/29/asb-members-brave-the-cold-in-the-hills/

started by: Rosie1-548987 · last update: 1483481195 · posted: 1483365126

Hi, we are looking to hire a medium sized car for a month mid Feb to mid March with a pick up in Tavira. Can anyone recommend a company with reasonable rates and no huge insurance add-ons?Many thanksRosie

started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1480090820 · posted: 1480090820

A new article and photos has just been published about the latest ride. Read all about it and see some great photos here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/algarve-live/2016/11/25/algarve-senior-bikers-reach-new-heights/

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Can anyone tell what is the cost of the Road tax in Portugal for a 4x4 Land Rover Discovery, how and where do I go to find out this information.Many thanks for any help you may be able to give me on this.Kind regardsPap

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