Car matriculation

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Rob benafim



Wanted a good agent to matriculate a classic car.I don't have the time or contacts to do it myself.Have been let down by one already so do not need timewasters or advice on how to do it I am not new to the Algarve.Tia


govna46 1486486154

Hi Rob, Where are You Basted on Algarve ?. What Car ?.

I have a Classic Myself !!.

  Cheers Brian.

Rob benafim 1486488373

Hi Brian I'm near Loule.I have a 101FC I want to matriculate but also have a P6 that's Portuguese plated that I'm renovating .

Victoria1st 1486543433

Have you tried Liliana Moreira. Ricardo Biss. Gracie Biss. 965084828 or 913972446 based in Lagoa?  We have used them for various issues and I know they matriculated cars from the UK and Spain for our friends.

Rob benafim 1486543972

Thanks Victoria will phone them today.Regards Rob

Rob benafim 1486563089

Thanks Veronica will speak to them as well,as you know it's who you know in the relevant departments that counts here! Lol.Regards Rob

govna46 1486581289

Hi Rob, Sorry for Late Reply !!, Have been let down My Self.

Agent in Almancil !!, Had Good Recommendation, from English Friends,

Regarding  Gracie  Biss.

Would Love to See Both Your Cars, Could show You Mine !?.

Am living in, Vilamoura not far from the Marina.

     Cheers Brian. 

Rob benafim 1486584202

Thanks Brian Mine not on road at the moment but if you are ever in Loule we own Fudge&More in the market,stalls42\43 would love to meet for a chat, what are you driving?Regards Rob

govna46 1486585257

Hi Rob, Can Not Drive Mine !!??, Will tell You Story when I Visit  You.!!

Are You in Market most Days ?. Time"s.

     Cheers Brian.

Rob benafim 1486587962

Brian we are open tues-sat 9.30-1but I'm not always there as I make the Fudge in our other place in Loule on Tues&Thurs if you drop me an email at with your number will give you a ring.Cheers Rob

Andrew-Flintoff-980805 1619075300

As we said above, you have 60 days to do all you need to do to get your Documento Único. After you register your vehicle, it's only weeks until you get your Documento Único. The enlistment will cost you 55€.

Callie-Albert 1619171050

I have a Classic Myself

Andrew-Flintoff-980805 1620805762

A testament of abrogation of home gave by the individual's department. The department may charge you for this however on the off chance that you utilize a specialist to do the registration this report may in some cases not be needed.

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