Driving Licence Renewal Delay

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My wife went to Faro on the 11th July to renew here Portuguese Driving Licence. She paid the €30 fee and was told it would be about 6 months b4 she gets it back. In the meantime she was given the standard bit of A4 paper to confirm it was in for renewal should she get pulled by the Police. This paper  is valid until the 11th Jan 2015 and as yet her new licence hasn't come back. If it still hasn't returned by the time the temporary piece of paper expires does she have to go all the way to Faro to get the paper renewed or can she just carry on using it past the11th Jan? as no doubt if she gets stopped by the police they would know what is happening with her licence via their computer system........or am I assuming too much here!! Amazingly an elderly friend who has to renew her licence every 2 years sent it in for renewal in September and got it back in just 2 weeks! Maybe one of you clever people out there has had the same problem so your advice/experience on this matter may help me out. Happy New Year to you all  


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You would need to renew the paper as they will use any excuse to fine you.

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You'll have to go back to Faro and you'll get a new date on your document. The police has no knowledge of the status of the process for her new drivers licence.

The last time I renewed my drivers licence I went to a local driving school and they provide the service. They even took a picture and did all the paperwork online. I paid an extra 30 euro for it and it was worth every euro. The new drivers licence arrived within 3 weeks time.

Worth considering for next time?

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Thanks peteknopp and alres for  your replies.

In our early years here we did use a Driving School and paid the extra but as it was straight forward enough and our ability to deal with officialdom had improved a little we decided to cut out the "middle man" and do it ourselves, obviously a big mistake.

So it looks like it's a trip back to Faro again unless by some amazing bit of luck  it arrives in the next 2 weeks.

The next renewal will be in 5 years time when she is 65 so maybe when we get it back we should hand it straight back to them again so  they will have just over 4 years to get it back to us for her 65th birthday ! LOL

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As an update we have just heard from a Portuguese friend and she has gone through a Driving School. They sent the renewal application off  in April and has been told it is now 10 months instead of 6 before she is likely to get it back.


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My husband has his 65th done in August through an agency and it was back in two weeks ... perhaps it is the luck of the draw?



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We are new to Portugal and have found an apartment in Faro to buy but alarm bells are ringing. First regarding Faro city itself as a place to live and second the negative reports on bureaucracy and corruption in Portugal generally. Help! Comments please. 

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