Roadworthiness MOT certificates for Motorbikes YES/NO??

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Dear all, I am slightly confused as to what is the legal requirement given that the pages here state a test centre certificate and noise assessment is required yet the government state MOT's are required from this October for machines over 250cc.  I have just imported my Harley on UK plates with a UK headlight and my current UK MOT expires in August.  I seek advice on what is the law as even speaking at my local GNR HQ I have obtained different advice!  I have the machine insured Fully comp 365 days EU use, but I wonder if I need to carry a road worthiness certificate.  Anybody sure of the actual Law?  Regards Nick.I am also seeking an EU headlight for a 1200c Harley Sportster should anybody have one available please.


Rob benafim 1469571186

A motorcycle is classed as a vehicle by UK gov so I would think it falls under the same EU rules at the moment as cars,a maximum 6 months on UK plates,MOT,insurance and road tax all legal in UK when 6 months up take it back to UK and bring back 6 months later or start importation then you can make legal here with insurance etc.Your insurance and MOT is not valid anywhere in the EU after 6 months of leaving UK as the vehicle is classed as being exported,your 365 day insurance cover I would check as I've only heard it apply for motorhomes and only then when not staying at a permanent address and that includes long term holiday rental,taking it across to Spain for the weekend doesn't get round the 6 months rule

Rob benafim 1469571689

If you have matriculated it I meant to add then take it to local test centre and ask them as you will have the correct paperwork

alentejo-752522 1469617974

I'm not sure when the change will start to be enforced for bikes, but wouldn't it be easier to matriculate it here? Unlike cars the process for motorcycles is reasonably priced. 

Rob benafim 1469645138

Nick have you matriculated your motorcycle in Portugal or just brought it here if you have matriculated it then any docs showing UK reg are invalid as you have a new Portuguese reg and you will have been told what relevant tests you need you don't make it clear in your post what reg the bike has

nickkneen242 1469690209

Thanks Guys.

Rob,  its on a UK plate and non matriculated as will be returning it to the UK over Xmas but my concern is ref motorbikes that are over 4 years old and the new Law in Pt wef Oct 2016 re roadworthiness tests for bikes over 250cc.  I can find no insight into how this will effect the legality of Expat insurance ie green cards etc obtained from UK insurers.  Thank you

Rob benafim 1469805176

Hi Nick The regulations are quite clear any vehicle registered in an EU country must when out of that country be road legal in the country of registration, so for UK plate means insurance,MOT and road tax depending on age and classification, if your motorcycle MOT is up in August then your insurance is invalid as well,you are allowed 6 months in any given year out of the UK and then vehicle must return to the UK or be re-registered in a country of your choice which is Portugal. You can't mix and match country's differing rules eg classic car tax and MOT in the UK in some cases exempt ,but not here ,so classic Portuguese reg cars must have relevant valid tests to be legal in UK.The test you are inquiring about will only apply when you matriculate your motor cycle bringing it here is not importing,you will hear lots of ex-pats with cars insured at an address and usually their passport as well saying you don't need to matriculate,you do,look at the forms when you fill them in especially when it asks where is your permanent address!!

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