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Hi, We will be moving to the Algarve (Carvoeiro/Ferragudo area with ability to travel) this coming Autumn and it would be great to get some info on play groups we could go to in the area. Would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions!Cheers!

started by: Cynthia-Cabrol-935055 · last update: 1553293842 · posted: 1553293842

hi, we have a 21-month old girl, will be in Tavira from end April and would love to meet up with other families with young children, notably via toddler groups. Any tips welcome! Thanks! :)

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Hi,  we are moving to the algarve in approx 6 months.  Looking for advice regarding schools .  I have 4 children aged 4, 9,14 and 16.  Really keen on Steiner school for 9 year old however doesn’t start till 6 .  Looking for preschool options as Steiner preschool full and long waiting list .many thanks 

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We are renting in Vilamoura until April and have 2 and 4 year old grandkids who will be visiting for a week later this month.  Can anyone suggest good ideas for days out with toddlers, or have any knowledge of good playparks with swings/slides/roundabouts ?  Grateful for any help/ideas, thank you

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Hi there,My husband and I are moving in August to Lagos and we have three kids 7, 5 and 2.  I was wondering if anyone knew good public schools to try and get my 7 year old into and is the process difficult?  Also if you knew any Montessori for my 5 year old.  Thanks a million really appreciate all the help I can get

started by: Deborah-Cable-913203 · last update: 1515429078 · posted: 1509282050

What are peoples experiences of the schooling there (International) .  Have a 10yr old boy (be nearly 11 by the time we  move) but finding mixed reviews of the International School in Tavira  Thanks

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Looking for ergonomic cocoon for newborn. Can be used.

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Hi, living in Sao Bras de Alportel with my 22 month old and would love to meet up with any other expats with kids of a similar age. My son is not loving nursery and am considering pulling him out, so would love to find some other kids for him to play with. Does anyone know of any good playgroups in Loule/Sao Bras/Almancil area?Thanks, Charlie

started by: SteveandLana · last update: 1481621624 · posted: 1414529616

Hi, my name is Lana. We are new to the Almancil area. We have a six month old son. We're looking for any playgroups in the area or any families with a child of similar age for him to play with and to boost our social life in the area :) Thks, Lana

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Hi ! Does anyone have teenagers who go to any of the schools in Loule or the surronding area. My 14 year old daughter goes to a school in Tavira but we feel it may be time to move her to a school closer to our home so she can make friends in this area. Does anyone have any infomation on the schools or have children in the schools and can recommend. Any help or advise would be appreciated.  Cheers

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Can anyone please tell me where I might be able to buy robust and well made childrens play equipment, Ideally incorporating a climbing frame, slide and swing. I would also like some form of rubber matting below to 'soften the landing' should they fall off.

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Hi! Can anyone tell me of any good mother & toddler groups around? I'm English and live in the Loule area, but can travel. Let me know if you can help.

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Hi Does anyone familiar with the international school in Aljezur? And maybe with a kindergarden around there? Thank you Gil

started by: scribel-747209 · last update: 1447953817 · posted: 1248090919

Hi,We are moving down to Aljezur in September. I send off the enrollment forms for the school a few months ago. I haven't heard back from the school. Does anybody know what date the school starts again after the summer holidays?Thanks,Astrid

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hi everyone, i am considering schools for my 5 year old for next year. We live in vilamoura area and he's currently in an English speaking montisorri, which he loves.  The problem is the international is increasingly expensive and I'm not even convinced it is worth it.  Could anyone in similar situations help? I would love to find a small school that may be less intimidating and that he could slowly learn Portuguese .  many thanks for any advice...

started by: Nana-J · last update: 1447080250 · posted: 1406901826

Hi everyone, My husband and I are moving to Loulé by the end of september with our daughter, 8 years old, where she will be attending a Portuguese primary school. Can anyone give me some advice of good primary schools in the Loulé area? Any info is more than welcome. We do not have that much time to visit all the schools and will have to make a decision quick. Thank you!  

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Hi, I'm interested in meeting ppl that home school for the right reasons. I have 3 kids, boy 11 and 2 girls 9 &7. it would be great for my boy to meet other kids his own age... He does much the same as other youngsters, likes computer games and reading funny books but also is very aware of the global situation regarding wildlife and endangered species etc. They've spent their life in australia and India so far and now we are here on the Algarve close to Armacao de Pera.He would love to be involved with something to do with animals, like a farm or horses, but money is limited as you can imagine, but if someone had an opportunity they could offer him a day a week or two a week to work along side animals, this would go a long way in his studies.Shirley

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We are a small group of multi-nationals whose dream is to create an alternative, possibly Steiner based school in the area of Lagoa/Silves.  We will start with community home schooling run by ourselves and any other interested parties until a suitable space is found. We are looking for possible locations/venues/land in this area, ideally rent free/low cost for now. We are also seeking interested parents that are in this area who would like to be involved in such a project. Finally we would love to find a teacher who has the same ideals as us when it comes to teaching children. Please get in touch if you are interested. Paul

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Does anyone know if there are any English Catholic Mass services anywhere in the Algarve.

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Hi All, We are visiting Tavira in two weeks and I was wondering if there was anything exciting for my 14 yr old stepson. He loves water sports, biking and parkour. Also, are there any parks and outdoorsy things for our 3 year old girl?? Thanking you, in advance.

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