babysitter Albuferia old town October2012

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Hi,   I'm going to albuferia in october and want to arrange a babysitter for an evening. Can anyone recommend a recognised babysitter or company. Also what is typical charge per hour? Many thanks,   Aoife

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My name is Daniela and i have 36 years old.I live arroung Faro and i can be able to help you.I speak english and i only understand portugues.For contact you can e-mail me for more  details.

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hi, were are you staying !! as my daughter stayed at the EDEN RESORT, and they have a baby sitting service at 13 euros ahour. but as portugal is family friendly you will most properly being doing a family thing all day long till night children go into bars to. 1348240346

At the moment i am alone  and i dont use to go out at night.I leave in Falfosa about 7 km far from Forum Shopping Mall.I dont mind to look after a baby i love kids i have one 16 years old but at the moment she is in Romania study there.Let me know if you would like my services contact me directly by my e-mail.Have a nice day.

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