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Can anyone please tell me where I might be able to buy robust and well made childrens play equipment, Ideally incorporating a climbing frame, slide and swing. I would also like some form of rubber matting below to 'soften the landing' should they fall off.


andreacraddock 1451985858

Hi, did you manage to find a good supplier of children's playground equipment. We are looking for something similar and are struggling.

cocker-10033988 1452066837

Hello Andrea, we have yet to find anything 'local' and will start looking again in the spring. The web sites in Portugal are pretty much non existent, a bit like England 20 years ago. I will let you know if we find anything. Regards, Martyn.

andreacraddock 1452081587

Thanks, likewise I will let you know if we find anything.

Montecrique 1452175540

 Costco UK have quite a lot of children's playframes online, you could possibly buy online get it sent to Algarve removals for shipping to you .

 There is also a Costco in Seville might be worth a try best of luck 

andreacraddock 1452177300

Many thanks, I will give it a try. 

sarah0979 1452180700

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I can't recommend somewhere to buy childrens play equipment out here, but we use The Algarve Freight Company (AFC) and I can highly recommend them.  If you order something from Amazon / online then you have it delivered to The AFC (which is in Basildon) and they will then ship it across - the prices are reasonable and they send weekly.  Items sent from the UK on a Friday should arrive on the Tuesday. 


We've tried to locate various items out here, but this seems to be a better / easier option.


Good luck! Sarah :-)

andreacraddock 1452185588

Thanks Sarah, I think that is the way we will have to go.

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