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For all those living here with kids, I just found out that when they reach 15 years old , you have to re-apply for your family allowance, they don’t tell you. They say it’s up to you to find out! How stupid is that, as if we know that, without being told! so yip i have to do this,, and you have to do this online, as I’m told,


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is this for payments from the uk gov or portuguese gov? Thanks

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This is here, .

carina rose 1351293461

How do you get family allowance here we a from uk and live in Portugal with our 4 year old.

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Hi, go to the social security off ice in your town, they speak some english in Albuferia, but some dont, there may be a site in english on the web, at the social secuity office you will be ask your number, which you should have for the health service here.

hope this helps.

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