Kids Birthday Parties

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Anyone know of any good venues? Or where to hire a bouncy castle? Thanks


Moccas 1299145185

Karting track in Almancil - all on site also bungee etc. - good fun. Don´t know the cost as we were invited, but can´t be that much.

Breeze-747791 1299317584

There is a kids place near Ferragudo called O Kido that caters for kids parties!!!!

J4CK4L 1299706794

Centro de sport, next to the main swimming pool in Lagos does kids parties with bouncy castles and food etc. Not cheap mind you.

keep smiling-747842 1299742942

Good morning
the sweet shop in Vale da Telha do bouncy castle hire . I don't know how much they charge though. Tel : 910234619
there web site is

JCorreia 1300722341

I offer yoga classes for children's birthday parties, if you're interested (suitable for all ages).

As for venue, try O'Kido between Ferragudo and Sesmarias.

FionaE-748620 1305125604

There is a company with various inflatables called Bounce `n`Slide, have a look on facebook for it

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