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Hi ! Does anyone have teenagers who go to any of the schools in Loule or the surronding area. My 14 year old daughter goes to a school in Tavira but we feel it may be time to move her to a school closer to our home so she can make friends in this area. Does anyone have any infomation on the schools or have children in the schools and can recommend. Any help or advise would be appreciated.  Cheers


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Hi, I'm sorry I dont know of any Schools in Loule, so I cant help.

But could you tell me about the School your 14 year old child is attending in Tavira, and if you would recommend it.

I am moving to Tavira in June and have a child about the same age.

Thank you .


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Hi! Could you please tell me about the school in Tavira. Read some bad reviews and some good so a bit confused. I have one that is 13 and one that is 16 and we are looking to options. Our 16 year old I think we will put at CIV in Vilamoura for but its line for my 13 year old so we might us 2 different schools until the have space for him and live in the middle.



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