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Hi, I'm interested in meeting ppl that home school for the right reasons. I have 3 kids, boy 11 and 2 girls 9 &7. it would be great for my boy to meet other kids his own age... He does much the same as other youngsters, likes computer games and reading funny books but also is very aware of the global situation regarding wildlife and endangered species etc. They've spent their life in australia and India so far and now we are here on the Algarve close to Armacao de Pera.He would love to be involved with something to do with animals, like a farm or horses, but money is limited as you can imagine, but if someone had an opportunity they could offer him a day a week or two a week to work along side animals, this would go a long way in his studies.Shirley


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Hi Shirley
My 12 year old home educated son has very similar interests to your son. Would love to meet up. We live in Olhão/Faro area.
I'm replying on the list as I'm not sure if my offlist email to you got through.
Best wishes


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We have a 6 year old boy.
He is not being home schooled, but believe most education is outside the classroom anyway.
Live in Carvoeiro, Lagoa. Would be great to meet up if interested.



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We moved to the Algarve a month ago and currently living in loule and we are also home schooling, which is going very well. The only problem we have is that our son is not meeting any friends. Our son is 11 years old.
We have a horse in moncarapacho and Our son enjoys helping around the yard. He loves animals and has a puppy which he is enjoying training.
We would love the opportunity for he him be able to meet other children.
Look forward from hearing from you.

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Hi Shirley and Jo

I've just seen your posts on this thread.

I am still home educating my son, now 14 and we are both keen to link up with others who are also home educating.

Get in touch if you are interested

Best wishes


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We would love to get in touch with those home schooling.  We have three children 2 girls and a boy and are now on week four of new country and actually spending time with children! Friends, tips and tricks would be much appreciated  :-) Regards Helen

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Hi, just send you a mail. Please check. Thank you.

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Hi. I'm after advice on lots of things really... we took our eldest daughter (almost 7) out of school and younger son (4) out of playschool, and moved here (albufeira, algarve) a month ago. So far I haven't stopped reading books on homeschooling but haven't really done a lot of "schooling" yet, explored a little of the area, and surfed and surfed the internet for hobbies, extra curricular activities, homeschooling support groups, etc but not been too successful. We're slowly starting to meet people in albufeira, but none of which seem to have children, so our very social little people haven't made any friends yet and they're starting to feel it. 

If there's anyone out there who home schools, and would like to be a guide :-) I would love to hear from you. Likewise if anybody knows of any groups, classes than run relatively close or ideally in albufeira, and regularly for people who live here (not holiday kids clubs or one off pony treks for holiday makers) please message me and tell me where they are!! And if anyone has or knows anyone who has children of similar ages who would like some new friends :-) please get in touch. 

Thanks muchly


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Hi everyone

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would try to make contact. We moved to Portugal in September and international school here didn't work out for my son, now 15. He doesn't really know many friends here and it would be great to connect with home-schoolers in the Algarve of a simlar age - 15/16


Caroline :)

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We are a small group of multi-nationals whose dream is to create an alternative, possibly Steiner based school in the area of Lagoa/Silves.  We will start with community home schooling run by ourselves and any other interested parties until a suitable space is found.

We are looking for possible locations/venues/land in this area, ideally rent free/low cost for now.

We are also seeking interested parents that are in this area who would like to be involved in such a project.

Finally we would love to find a teacher who has the same ideals as us when it comes to teaching children.

Please get in touch if you are interested.




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Hi after having to move my son twice from portuguese school from constant bulling from

a teacher. We have now no but to

home school. 

Would love to meet others in the same situatio, advice or arrange something social for the kids.

we are living in Tavia/moncarapacho area


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I hope that those of you who have posted here have met others for the support and social contact which is such an important part of home education. The Algarve is such a great place for children - all it really needs is a home education support group.  We gave up trying to meet others after getting no response from people I contacted on this and other forums  and came back to the UK 2 years ago where there are loads of home ed groups. My son is now 17 took his GCSEs and is at college and very happy.

I still see the messages posted on this subject and really hope you all persevere and get a thriving home ed group set up in the Algarve

I home educated my 4 children over a period of 22 years and am very happy to reply to anyone who wants to contact me for info advice on home education but I can't offer any help on how to meet others in the Algarve

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Hi Grace

where abouta are you? What activies do you do for your children?

as I'm finding that quite difficult.


Mykidkai2000 1423655932


where abouts are you Helen?



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Hi we moved here 3 months ago ,my 14 yr old daughter has found school very tough,looking into home schooling,and how to go about it ,who to contact to do this

we are in Albufeira ,

are they any groups  to home school ,ect,and to meet friends around her age group

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