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Hi, Although my oldest girl has music lessons at school, I would like to find out where she could have serious lessons with an instrument. We are in the area between Messines and Loulé.... Does anyone know? Thanks!


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hi, casa de povo do guitar, i pay 24 a month,in messines.

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Hi Elske,

We have some very good friends who offer music lessons. What instrument are your children interested in learning? I believe they do piano, guitar, violin and maybe drums.

Let me know if you are interested and I will get them to contact you.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Gary, sorry for this late reply!

My kids have no knowledge of any instrument, as a parent I would like to introduce some, so they can choose what they like. They have to start with the basics, to read the notes (is that the right word? I am not English...)!

They speak portuguese, not English yet. Where about are your friends?


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