Need advice / information in relocating to Eastern Algarve

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We are a family of 4. Two children 7 and 9. We are seriously thinking to move to the eastern algarve possibly Tavira area July of 2017 and are looking for some help and advice. Priorities are initially schools for our children. We have already cancelled out the private / international schools. We are preferably looking for schools with reasonable mixture of expats children. Initial long term rental info would be helpful. There are other issues that we would also like help with, so if you have experience similar relocation we would be very grateful to hear from you. Thanks in advance 

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Deborah-C 1509281852

Hi Suzy did you eventually move?   What was your thoughts on schools etc we are thinking of moving.

AmeliaG76 1515429445

Hi Suzy, we went to look around the International School in Tavira but I was a bit worried by the distinct lack of resources and what I would consider to be well stocked classrooms. Eg they have no science labs and the students have to walk to some municipal laboratories. Sports facilities were also lacking.

There are a lot of small, privately funded schools that are lacking in these areas. We eventually decided on for our 7 year old son and couldn´t be happier. I know you said you had discounted private or international schools but this has a great atmosphere. Good luck! They have buses running the length of the Algarve as well. Tavira is lovely - long term rentals are hard to find for 12 months but it is possible!! 

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