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Hi there, My husband & I recently found out we are expecting our first child in January. We are very excited but a bit nervous as we simply don't know where to start when it comes to prenatal care and the procedures to having a baby here. I did have my 13 week scan back in the UK and found the service great, plus they gave me the option of a birthing pool when the time comes which really appealled to me. And no cost as its on the NHS. We however, live in Portugal and the cost (and worry) of travelling to the UK, renting an apartment over Christmas & New Year, plus travelling back with a newborn seems crazy. Can anyone please give me some sound advice and tell me about their experience of giving birth in the Algarve? Where do we start? Faro Hospital (we live in Albufeira)? Is there anywhere with a birthing pool? Is it true the Father is not allowed in the room while the child is being born?! Costs involved? After care?... etc. Many Thanks :)


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Relax! Your husband can stay by your side all this process independently of where it is, you will decide if he stays or not!

I strongly suggest to you the private hospitals of Portugal, even though the Faro hospital is ok as well, my 4 children were born in there and I have no complaints at all;

Next time you visit the shopping center in Faro ( the Forum ) you have one of their offices private hospitals of Portugal in there and the girls are very nice. When you exit the lift turn right and right again, keep going until the end of the building the East direction, that is it!

I wish you all the very best!

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I gave birth to both my children in Portimao hospital, and found the staff and service great. You do stay in longer than in UK, its normally 3 days. But they are very helpful and the doctors and some nurses speak English. I never had any prenatal care but had regular check ups with my family doctor and the Centro Do Saude, I believe if you register there whilst pregnant, they HAVE to give you a family doctor. With the scans, I think 2 are free and the rest you have to pay for. With the actual birth process, I dont think birthing pools etc are available and they are quite matter of fact here, which I rather liked. Hope this has helped.


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I too had my daughter here in Portugal, if you live in Albufeira and want to give birth in a state hospital you will be sent to Faro due to living in Albufeira, I decided that because I was not fluent in Portuguese I wanted all my check ups, weighing etc in English so paid for the service in the International Health clinic at the bottom of the Strip, It cost me about €1200 in total for all the check ups blood tests etc, they were brillant, the other option is to go to the centro da saude which will be cheaper and they will give you a family doctor, which I have now for all other check up's etc, you can also go to the social security and ask them is there any monetary help that Portugal will offer you.

The birth itself is normally straight forward my partner did stay with me the whole time, they do not give you gas and air etc but will give you an epidural if you ask for it and you have dialated enough.

It's exciting times, good luck, oh if you need a crib I have one in very good condition I am selling with a chest of drawers and I have lots of other baby things in very good condition if you are interested ?

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Firstly, congratulations! I gave birth to my son in Portimao hospital last year and have no complaints (except for the food, yuk!, bring your own or get hubbie to). I found the Portuguese system of pre-natal care to be very expensive and not thorough enough I always left my appointments feeling confused and stressed! Karen Morgan at the International Health Clinic in Albufeira is an excellent midwife and does the same tests and checks as a midwife would in the UK, for me she was a godsend I was about to start arranging to have my child in the UK because I was so worried until I found her, but Karen was so helpful and friendly that I was able to relax about my pregnancy from then on.
Unfortunately, I don't think its possible to have a water birth, and home births are not recommended here either which is a shame. Apparently, Portugal is one of the safest places to give birth in Europe it has one of the lowest infant mortality rates. So don't worry.

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Thank you for all the great feedback. Have been pretty confused about where to go in the Algarve so was going to have the baby in the UK. I have now spoken

to a few Moms out here who were happy with the service they got. I've also made an appointment to see Karen at the International Clinic in Albufeira.

Thanks again for all the help. Cheers!

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