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Hi everyone, My husband and I are moving to Loulé by the end of september with our daughter, 8 years old, where she will be attending a Portuguese primary school. Can anyone give me some advice of good primary schools in the Loulé area? Any info is more than welcome. We do not have that much time to visit all the schools and will have to make a decision quick. Thank you!  


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have you signed up with the local main school that caters to the 4 or 5 schools in the area? You don't allways get to make the choice but you can say your top 3 choices and see what they have room for. Most registrations have to be done by may/june for following sept start. my daughter is at horta sta antonio opp the small modello on south side of loule and the main school group is called duarte pachecho.  email me for more direct contact.

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yes pls

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Hi Pete,

Thank you for your reply.

We have just made the decision to move to Portugal and haven't been able to sign her up for any school in the area. Do you consider Duarte Pacheco to be a good school for children that do not speak the language? Did your daughter easily adjust? I just want to make sure she doesn't feel isolated considering the fact that she's been to different schools in different countries the past few years.

Thank you!

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My girl has spoken Portuguese's since birth so she's fine but other non Portuguese fit in well and parents find the school is good

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Hi everyone,

I have two young children, my son is 5 and I am considering either the international school or the local school in vilamoura. Does anyone have any advice ? We have just started to learn the language. Ideally if I could find a small school with other international children , so my son wouldn't feel totally isolated. The international is so expensive and I don't get a great feel from it anyway.

would love to speak to people in similar situations..


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