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Hi I would be really grateful of any information regarding schooling for our son who is 8 in July. We are seriously considering moving to the Albufeira area but are concerned about his schooling. For example, local versus international school, costs of international schools, ease of language barrier, school qualifications compared to UK etc etc! All info would be greatfully received and any other about living/moving there in general! Thanks in anticipation of your comments! samsamblue21


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try CIV Vilamoura it is education for your childs life .

JCorreia 1300722149

We have our son in Universidade da Crianca in Portimao. We wanted him in a Portuguese school so that he'd be able to stay here and work if he'd like to eventually and also to integrate him culturally. They have a great philosophy of teaching the children to think for themselves (have a look at their website - some of the info is in English), and they learn English and German from very early on. Plus all of his teachers speak English so we can communicate fine. He was starting to speak some Portuguese within 6 weeks of being there - they learn really quickly :)

It is a private school, but not as expensive as the International schools.

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Hi, we chose the International School of the Algarve near Lagoa for our two. We had heard that the Portuguese state schools were very tough and didn,t provide much support for newcomers without Portuguese language and we didn´t want two kids stressed out by this as well as moving country and finding new friends.

We looked at all the schools in the area and decided on the one in Lagoa. It seemed the biggest, best facilities, certainly had the friendliest atmosphere and we had heard of its good reputation from acquaintances with kids already there.

So far (since last september) we have not been at all disappointed. The children love their teachers and are happy to go to school each morning. They are being taught in English and using the same reading scheme as they were in the UK. The main difference, which is a plus, is that they are also having beginners Portuguese lessons.

Anyway, good luck with your move. Lots to decide, we know.

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