Schools - Eastern Algarve (Tavira area)

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What are peoples experiences of the schooling there (International) .  Have a 10yr old boy (be nearly 11 by the time we  move) but finding mixed reviews of the International School in Tavira  Thanks

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Hi Deborah, we went to look around the International School in Tavira but I was a bit worried by the distinct lack of resources and what I would consider to be well stocked classrooms. Eg they have no science labs and the students have to walk to some municipal laboratories. Sports facilities were also lacking.

There are a lot of small, privately funded schools that are lacking in these areas. We eventually decided on for our 7 year old son and couldn´t be happier. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too to get an idea of activities they offer.  Good luck! 

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ps there are private bus routes running the length of the Algarve. 

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