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Hi I'm moving to the Algarve soon and my 12 year old son will be hoping to star secondary school, can anybody advise me on the best way to go around this. I'm hoping to be able to put him in a non paying school, as I am not in a position to pay, thank you very much.


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Hi Tomtom
I have a 13 year old daughter and she has attended portugese schools all her life. The best thing to do is to visit the receptionist of the school in your area. Take someone who speaks the language with you and take all of your birth certificates, passports, and residencial certificate. I think that you will also need proof of address and a signed book of vaccinations given...I did. You will then have to order your school books. We have to buy our own text books over here.
To be quite honest I think that it will be very difficult indeed for your child unless they have the advantage of speaking portuguese. None of the teachers in my daughters school speak much english apart from the english teacher of course.
Good luck to all of you. Wendy

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Quintadovale told you right! It is recommendable to put children in public schools as they learn very fast and will integrate themselves easily, and their families with them in a near future. I have Raphael ( 16 ) and Chyntia ( 12 ) and both speak very good English, most of the students in their school also do it and it will be easy the integration, I am sure all the students will help if your son is friendly and open minded, it will be easy to get new friends in the first day.

If you are in the Loulé council just give me a call and I will introduce my children to your son and they will give the best support, the English teacher is a very nice person and I will help you in your first meeting with her and the school directors ( of course all of them speak English and you will not need me there unless you prefer me to stay with you ).

Anywhere you go you will find easygoing people free to give you all support, if you have somebody local with you it will be even easier only because there will be no misunderstandings in the translation whatsoever, just relax and go ahead, moving down here was a good choice, keep my contacts if you need support in any situation.

All the best for you!
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Thank you Quintadoval, and Fixalgarve for your very kind advice, Regards tomtom.

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