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What's the best thing for nappy rash, my young neighbour is very careful about hygiene and changes her 6 month old as soon as they are wet but still there is a problem. I am sure their are mum and dads out there who can offer useful advice. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Do the Portuguese celebrate halloween? And does anyone know of any spooky themed events being held around the Algarve on October 31st? Just over a week to go and the kids are already gearing up for it!

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We're looking for suggestions for ways to entertain the kids when the weather is bad. Any ideas?

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Can any parent out there tell me how I can prevent my children getting the dreaded beasties? Is it possible or is it just a case of dealing with them if they arrive?

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I have a friends who is coming over on holiday and would like to take her disabled daughter riding, does anyone know if their is a suitable place please

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Where can I buy bath, skin and hair products that are non animal tested and safe on young children, either in a shop or by mail?

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I am looking for what my mum refers to as a "cat net" for a pram. You used to see them in UK. Basically a net that covers the opening of a babies pram to keep out unwanted visitors, not just cats but flies etc. Can you still get such a thing. We seem to have so many wasps around I would like to get one asap.

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My parents are coming to stay at the end of August for over 3 weeks - what can I suggest they do? I'll be working most of the time and so won't have time to cart them around everywhere, any suggestions?

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Can anyone give me some feedback on the Vilamoura International School, I'm thinking about enrolling my kids there but would like to know how other parents find it Thanks

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can anyone recommend a good restaurant please. It's for a family which includes children and wood would like some entertainment if possible. We all love seafood and are keen to have regional dishes. Any ideas please, thanks bumblebee

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Could anyone recommend me a bouncy castle and event organizing for children in the Tavira area? Andrea

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Could someone tell me if there are programmes in Portugal for youth/student/cultural interchange? Andrea

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