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We are a small group of multi-nationals whose dream is to create an alternative, possibly Steiner based school in the area of Lagoa/Silves.  We will start with community home schooling run by ourselves and any other interested parties until a suitable space is found. We are looking for possible locations/venues/land in this area, ideally rent free/low cost for now. We are also seeking interested parents that are in this area who would like to be involved in such a project. Finally we would love to find a teacher who has the same ideals as us when it comes to teaching children. Please get in touch if you are interested. Paul

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Does anyone know if there are any English Catholic Mass services anywhere in the Algarve.

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Hi All, We are visiting Tavira in two weeks and I was wondering if there was anything exciting for my 14 yr old stepson. He loves water sports, biking and parkour. Also, are there any parks and outdoorsy things for our 3 year old girl?? Thanking you, in advance.

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Hello, My name is lily and I just moved to the algarve. I am looking to do some full time or part time childminding or babysitting. I have lots of experience minding children and babies and very much enjoy doing it. I live in caldas de monchique.  If anyone is interested please let me know. I will be happy to hear from you.  Lily 

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How is education in Portugal, how different is it? I have a seven year old girl.

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Anyone know of any playschemes for primary school children over the Easter holidays in Vilamoura?  Many thanks!

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Can anybody recommend a good Maths tutor who speaks English in the Paderne or Messines area, It is for my daughter who is 8 years old. We have recently moved to the Algarve from England. Many thanks

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Hi my name is kerry. My partner and I have just moved over from Ireland to the old town of albufeira. I have a little boy age 4 and a little girl  at 4 months. My partner works most days and I am just looking some company and friendships thanks x

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Any stargazers out there who can offer suggestions for a beginner's telescope for a 15 yr old who's greatly interested? I've been looking online, but if anyone can suggest a local way to buy, it might be better. Suggestions greatly hoped for!

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Hi My family and i are moving near to Paderne and i was wondering what people thought of the school. My son can move there in September into Year 2, he is currently at another school with all Portuguese. This is not a problem for him at all but we find it difficult as our Portuguese is minimal at the moment. Are there many english there at the moment who would be going into year 2 and what's the general opinion of the school. I look forward to hearing from you. Amanda

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Does anyone do or know of any Halloween celebrations out here?  We've been staying at Martinhol rsort for a month and have just realized they aren't doing any kind of celebration.  Alternatively, does anyone know where pumpkins can be acquired?  Thanks!

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Hi we recently moved here and not sure how much Halloween is celebrated.  Do the kids trick or treat here and dress up?  Also interested in any events for the kids.  We live in Pera but willing to travel anywhere in Algarve for a good halloween event thanks in advance.

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Hello all.  My wife and our 2 sons (7 & 2, but birthdays are coming shortly) will be staying in Salema for a while and we are looking for other folks who might be interested in meeting up or know of any playgroups for expats.  We wouldn't object to the adult time either, as neither of us speaks Portuguese.  Thanks.

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I'm looking for any other families who would like to make friends..me and my two and a half year old daughter live near vila real st antonio and we would really like to meet any other children and parents to spend time with.my daughter is very friendly. Please get in touch

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Hello I need to find dance classes in loule or sao bras area for my daughter can anyone help please she is five years old and just loves dance, currently doing ballet and gymnastics.   Thank you 

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Hi ..can anyone tell me if there are any mum and baby groups in the Algarve? Be great to meet other mums with babies.. : )

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hi does anyone know of any youth clubs in the portimao area of the algarve, if not how easy to start one for expats children i've got a up to date crb through my local council in the uk, good references, i'm willing to give up on the uk and try to settle in Portugal and open a youth club ages 8/13yrs. Mike

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Hi, has anyone out there got a car seat we can buy for our three month old grandson due to visit in May? Thanks

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Im from the UK and currently pregnant and self employed. In the UK, I would be entitled to statutory maternity pay of £134 a week for 39 weeks from the 26th week of pregnancy to help whilst I take maternity leave. The problem is I cant claim UK maternity pay because I pay social security here and dont pay national contributions in the UK. Also, I cant provide a MatB1 certificate as I havent been through the NHS in the UK and have been seen by doctors here whilst pregnant. Does anyone know if I can claim Maternity pay in Portugal as a self employed person? Can I also claim child benefit here? I am registered as a resident in Portugal with fiscal number and social security number.  

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Hello lovely expats. I am having my first baby and we are in near lagos. I have NO IDEA what to get for the baby. She is due in 4 weeks and I feel totally unprepared.  We have more than enough clothes, breast pump, crib, car seat, diapers, baby bath..I have no idea what else though.  If you could help me make a list that would be great. Also, if you know what stores to go to in Lagos. We just moved here 2 weeks ago... a bit of a large transisiton.  Thank you

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