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Hello lovely expats. I am having my first baby and we are in near lagos. I have NO IDEA what to get for the baby. She is due in 4 weeks and I feel totally unprepared.  We have more than enough clothes, breast pump, crib, car seat, diapers, baby bath..I have no idea what else though.  If you could help me make a list that would be great. Also, if you know what stores to go to in Lagos. We just moved here 2 weeks ago... a bit of a large transisiton.  Thank you

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For all those living here with kids, I just found out that when they reach 15 years old , you have to re-apply for your family allowance, they don’t tell you. They say it’s up to you to find out! How stupid is that, as if we know that, without being told! so yip i have to do this,, and you have to do this online, as I’m told,

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I am thinking of starting a mid week pony club for children, it would be on a Wednesday Morning in a Stables near Ferreiras but i would need numbers, would anyone be interested? Please email me or ring me on 911 164 254

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Hi, Experienced lady looking for a full-time, part-time domestic job. I am very enthousiastic, trustworthy and reliable. I live in Almancil area and would be happy to come to your house and help out with your domestic duties and I would also do babysitting if required. I can provide good references. Please feel free to contact me directly to 911053315 from 9am to 1pm.

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Hi,   I'm going to albuferia in october and want to arrange a babysitter for an evening. Can anyone recommend a recognised babysitter or company. Also what is typical charge per hour? Many thanks,   Aoife

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Hi, Although my oldest girl has music lessons at school, I would like to find out where she could have serious lessons with an instrument. We are in the area between Messines and Loulé.... Does anyone know? Thanks!

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Hello everyone. Can anyone reccomend a reliable, trustworthy babysitter around Moncarapacho?She can speak English or Portuguese.My husband and I are attending a wedding there and we would like to have some help in the afternoon/evening. Many thanks in advance for your suggestions! Marta

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Hi, Our eldest daughter is in a public school in Loulé concelho. We pay 1,46 per lunch for her, but actually we are not having an income. I think we do have a right for a lower price per lunch but you have to present a `declaração da Segurança Social` How does this work?

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Hi I'm moving to the Algarve soon and my 12 year old son will be hoping to star secondary school, can anybody advise me on the best way to go around this. I'm hoping to be able to put him in a non paying school, as I am not in a position to pay, thank you very much.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a family orientated catholic church in the Albufeira area. have car so can travel. Thank you very much Diane

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Hi Does anyone know of an childminders or creches in the Tavira area? ThanksChristine

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Does anyone collect Invisimals stickers for their kids? We have loads of spare ones to swap or give away. Carvoeiro area.

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Are you looking for support for your son or daughter who is studying Art at GCSE/AS/A level? I have found a qualified art teacher specializing in GCSE/AS and A level who is coming to the Algarve towards the end of August to support our daughter. She offers a variety of art classes to suit all needs and requirements. GCSE/AS/A2 Art & Design is a specialism of this artist and she can provide help and assistance with: • Coursework • Sketchbook Work • Final Outcomes • Examination Advice If you are interested please send me your name and email address and I will be in touch with you. Ingrid

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Can anyone recommend a paediatrician in the area close to Burgau? thanks

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Hi there, My husband & I recently found out we are expecting our first child in January. We are very excited but a bit nervous as we simply don't know where to start when it comes to prenatal care and the procedures to having a baby here. I did have my 13 week scan back in the UK and found the service great, plus they gave me the option of a birthing pool when the time comes which really appealled to me. And no cost as its on the NHS. We however, live in Portugal and the cost (and worry) of travelling to the UK, renting an apartment over Christmas & New Year, plus travelling back with a newborn seems crazy. Can anyone please give me some sound advice and tell me about their experience of giving birth in the Algarve? Where do we start? Faro Hospital (we live in Albufeira)? Is there anywhere with a birthing pool? Is it true the Father is not allowed in the room while the child is being born?! Costs involved? After care?... etc. Many Thanks :)

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Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can rent a bouncy castle from for this coming Saturday, I am in Carvoeiro. Have already emailed a couple but have had no reply. Thanks.

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hello does anyone know of a pool that can be used on a pay by the day basis in vilamouta/quarteira area for self & family to use ??thankyou

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Hi to all you Mums (and Dads) out there, I wanted to ask if others shared my 'problem', I have great trouble finding good quality, well priced clothes for my children who are 5 and nearly 2. I find prices are quite high and the range of shops is limited and I miss the range and sometimes, styles I had in the Uk. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks for any feedback Christine

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Anyone know of any good venues? Or where to hire a bouncy castle? Thanks

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Hi I would be really grateful of any information regarding schooling for our son who is 8 in July. We are seriously considering moving to the Albufeira area but are concerned about his schooling. For example, local versus international school, costs of international schools, ease of language barrier, school qualifications compared to UK etc etc! All info would be greatfully received and any other about living/moving there in general! Thanks in anticipation of your comments! samsamblue21

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