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Hi I would be really grateful of any information regarding schooling for our son who is 8 in July. We are seriously considering moving to the Albufeira area but are concerned about his schooling. For example, local versus international school, costs of international schools, ease of language barrier, school qualifications compared to UK etc etc! All info would be greatfully received and any other about living/moving there in general! Thanks in anticipation of your comments! samsamblue21

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Would anyone be interested in hosting a Paediatric First Aid Course? It's only in the planning stage at the moment but need a village hall sized room. Anyone who may be interested in attending a course ie parents, baby sitters, playschool teachers etc please reply too.

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Looking for some things to keep some kids entertained in November.Any ideas gratefully received.

started by: snowdog3011 · last update: 1297957033 · posted: 1274595120

I have twins, a boy and a girl age 13. I would like them to do some activities with Portuguese children so that they can make friends and learn Portuguese at the same time. Does anyone know of any activities that won't cost an arm and a leg. Thanks for all the help.

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Hi does anyone know were you can get your child christend ? Thanks.

started by: jovial99 · last update: 1296512545 · posted: 1283169557

hi, we live in tavira with our 2 young girls. we are looking for someone to baby sit afew hours on saturday afternoons and odd sundays whilst myself and my wife are at work. we can arrange to collect and drop off if reqiured. there may be extra times during school holidays. the girls are aged 3 and 7 and speak both portuguese and english. thanks shane & kim

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Thank you so much, everybody! Your words have been invaluable and a great source of comfort and reassurance both to myself and my daughter! I am, Most sincerely, Jack

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Hello! I'm a single parent with one child and we are, soon, to be homeless and without means of support. Does anyone know of any support groups- local churches, etc ? Jack

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Does anyone know which would be the best place in the Loule area for family support- official offices, churches, etc?

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Does anyone know where there will be a Father Christmas I can take my little girl to see? Location not an issue but if anyone knows of one "featuring" anywhere please let me know. Many thanks in advance

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Hi, I am possibly moving to the Algarve next year. I will be working in Almancil but this looks a very expensive place to live. I have a wife and 2 young children so need to consider schooling. My children will be 7 and 9 at the time of the move. My research seems to show Loule as being a good area and fairly close to Almancil for work. Has anybody made the move to this or the surrounding area with children of a similar age, and if so what schools do you recommend. By the way I don't think I can afford international school for 2 kids so really looking at public school unless you know of any international / private schools that are good value for money. Last question is how long does it take to get them into school and what tips can you provide? that will do for now !! Thanks Gary

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HI there, Does anyone know somewhere that I can take my little girl to start learning ballet? we will be based in Monchique but realise we might have to go down to Silves/Lagoa/Portimao/Lagos for some classes for her. Any info gratefully received. Sally

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My wife and I called to see Linda at her house in Odiaxere during August but the house seemed to occupied by other people who would not answer our calls from the gate even though they could see us The last time that we saw Linda was at the Lagoa fair Aug 2009 since then we have lost touch;I haven't seen any of her sons in Harrogate UK,or been able to reach her via the internet or phone We were concerned for her as the family had only lved in the Algarve for a few monthswhen Big Tony passed away So if someone knows her present where-abouts ask Linda to contact us

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I am an experienced Ex-Pat Primary school teacher and would be interested in offering after school tuition for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age. Do any of you think there would be a demand for this in The Algarve region?

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As there is a lack of mother and toddler groups in the Albufeira area, does anyone fancy starting a group like this and getting our kids toether to play, can always go a park, or marina, or beach if warm enough, would be nice to meet other mum's who speak english. I have a 3 year old daughter.

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experienced country bass player/vocals looking for like minded musicians with possibility of forming band or playing for fun. Please e.mail me if interested. Mel

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My son, 4 years old has been following swimminglessons for nearly one year in our home country. I would like to continue it here - does anyone know of where (affordable) private swimming lesson can be followed? thanks for your input!

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My daughter wants to get her ears pierced. She is 12 years old- do you think this is old enough or should she wait a few more years? Can anyone recommend a clean, hygienic salon that does ear piercings?

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Hallo, My grandchild comes for the first time to visit me in Portugal (Lagos). I need a travelcod, babybed, babychair and all sorts of baby things. Can you help me? She is 1 year old. Thank you

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New babies and toddlers group in Quarteira....lovely gym runaround room, loads of toys, outside grass area when the weather is better, come join us on Weds 10.30 to 12.30 at NEW LIFE GYM, drinks and biscuits included! Call for more details 962123860 Fiona/Emesher

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