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Hi there, first time poster so apologies in advance for any mistakes! I am wondering if anyone has any experience or info regarding fostering a child? I have lived in Albufeira for over 11 years, have my own home, divorced with no kids (OMG... sounds like a personal ad!!) I do not know where to start looking for advice or info but would love to think I could help in some way although as I am in full time employment this may go against me. Was thinking of weekends where I could give time to a child in need. Any info would be gratefully received. Many thanks

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Hi my name is wendi and i ll be moving to the albufeira region on 16th Jan. I will be seeking work. If you have a special needs child that needs care i maybe the person you need. I am a qualified learning disability nurse and also NNEB nursery nurse. I have 20 years experience with austism, adhd, aspergers. If you need reliable care for your child, babysitting, full time or respite then please contact me for a further chat. Many thanks wendi

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Hi Can anyone recommend a place to buy a baby high chair for a reasonable price apart from Zippy? Or if anyone has one to sell in good condition, please let me know. thanks

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Hi, does anyone have any information regarding the mother and toddler group on a Tuesday morning at Santa Barbara de Nexe? There is information about it in the 'whats on' section however the contact number doesn't work. Thanks

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I am looking for a playgroup in or around Albufeira for my 3 year old. Where can I find one?

started by: Kiwi-743648 · last update: 1259104560 · posted: 1229431232

I have a six week old and looking for a Mum and Baby group in the Albufeira area - does anybody know of one? Also looking to join a baby swim class - any ideas?

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My son seems to be developing dancing feet and I was wondering if there are any schools or classes for kids who dance.Any help? I'd really like to develop his talent.

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Just moved from Spain to Ourique. 2 boys been in Spanish school for 3 years. Need to know how to go about enrolling them here. Also they are aged 11 and 13, in Spain this meant that the older was in high school, but the younger still had a year to go at Junior school, is it the same here? Any help gratefully received!!!

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A friend of mine is interested in this method of delivary, is it possible here? If you have had this experience could you pass on any useful info please

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I'm looking for a swimming pool cover that is easy to use and will fit a pool that is shaped like a number 8. Anyone know where I can find one?

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Any ideas for what to do with the grandkids when they come over in the summer? Are there groups for them, as there would be in England?

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Does anyone know of anywhere near faro that hires out baby monitoring equipment, please

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Hello, was wondering where i could find information on schools in loule and their rating and success? thanks in advance.

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HI there Can anyone advise me on the school in Monchique? We are moving to the Monchique area in October and my little girl will be 3. I need to put her into a school so that I can work, and wondered if anyone could offer me any advice. I really don't want to put her somewhere that's not good, but at the same time, paying for a private school to start with is unfortunately not an option I have. I will be coming down to look for somewhere to live between the 2nd and 10th July so any information anyone can give me before then would be great. My email address is sallyfryer@ymail.com Big thank-you! Sally

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our kids always seem to get a rash when we apply sunscreen. Is it just a case of cover up and keep in the shade or is there a special one that's good for the under 10s or younger?

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I have my grandkids coming over soon. Is there anything that people know of that is good for entertaining kids? They're aged from 5-12. Maybe something outdoors?

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What games on the playstation are suitable for children aged 3-8. The kids always want to play but the games we have are all too violent.

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hi there,have been here in portugal(alberfiera)for 7mths,with our 3 children(15 year old boy,13 year old girl) and a 3year old.... the older need some friends.....anybody in a similar situation... bex

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Hello Can anyone advise me of the best state pre schools in the Loule or Almancil area. thanks.

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Hi,,, is anyone out there home schooling their children here in Portugal? Are you willing to share your experiences with another mum who is considering doing the same thing, following the UK National Curriculum? Love to hear from you.... cheers Sarah

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