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Are there any Easter activities going on for kids? I'm really after a football school or something, but anything at all would be good.

started by: sophies_choice-744147 · last update: 1238672133 · posted: 1238588754

Hi Can anyone recommend a place to find good maternity clothes in the Algarve? Thanks

started by: yogibear-742785 · last update: 1238599816 · posted: 1238571942

They look like toothpicks and are important for my oral hygiene where l use them to remove plaque and food particles, any idea where i can get them.

started by: Jaybird-742815 · last update: 1238095281 · posted: 1238095281

on immunisation for young children, perhaps more experienced parents would give us their views

started by: roydonna · last update: 1236599648 · posted: 1234203771

Hi all, can any one please tell me the phone number for jardim de infancia de armacao de pera or at least advise on where i can find it. I have looked at the white & yellow pages but can not find it. Or if any one knows when this school breaks up for Easter that would be fantastic. Thank you Roy Donna

started by: lottie-742637 · last update: 1236168845 · posted: 1234864896

we are expecting a new arrival in the family, its a girl. and the mum and dad would like a portugeese name, First name will be Lowenna, suggestions welcome. Lowenna is a Cornish name by the way

started by: sleepy-742571 · last update: 1234454760 · posted: 1234342159

I've noitced that a lot of the kids play areas are really dirty and unhygienic., usually where teenagers hang out to drink and smoke. Where are the best places to take small kids to play, that are clean and well kept.

started by: Mervyn-745223 · last update: 1233743170 · posted: 1233660791

Can anyone recommend a hotel with good activities or facilities for kids? Thanks

started by: baba-742805 · last update: 1233261508 · posted: 1229592743

A few years ago I saw story books which you could get personalised with a childs name through the books so the story was about them. I'd love to get one for my niece but don't know where to look?

started by: dotty-742621 · last update: 1233136310 · posted: 1233130120

Does anyone know where my friend could buy those plug guards that stop children sticking their fingers in the plug sockets? Also the things to stop them opening cupboard and fridge doors?

started by: marmalade-743175 · last update: 1232487241 · posted: 1232130723

Are there any universities in the Algarve? If not where is the nearest - Lisbon?

started by: nelson-742773 · last update: 1232440901 · posted: 1232357548

Two families I know are about to go back to UK and need some advice. The children have either never lived there or cannot remember when they did. If you have done this or know anyone who has can you offer advice please.

started by: onthemove-742699 · last update: 1232010200 · posted: 1231836364

Some tips on this if you have got an good ideas. Would like to help our 6 year old without to much pressure on them.

started by: sleepy-742571 · last update: 1231087777 · posted: 1229502336

friends with teenage children are thinking of coming here full time. They have a property but would like some input of moving 15 and 16 year olds here. Kids like the idea but what about education and opportunities after that?

started by: chriss-744795 · last update: 1229161368 · posted: 1229088807

As a result of some fairly unfortunate circumstances in family life in England, we now have our 16 year old Grandson living with us here in Portugal for what looks like being anything up to 2 years. Can anyone advise us of the possibilities of getting him into further education here or possibly some sort of practical occupation. There are several other things we need to know, such as...........Is he required to carry his P/Port with him at all times? Do we have to register him as a resident?

started by: bramble-742479 · last update: 1227942046 · posted: 1227513150

how do you encourge children to eat whats good for them? Without making it an issue that is, Any tips recipes advice please

started by: ANTHONY FERNANDES · last update: 1226824026 · posted: 1226824026

Hello There I need your help Could someone help me outthere it is since one year that i submitted my parents documents in portugal registor office. Now my parents documents are at the Conservatoria Registos Centrais. I need to contact someone there at the registos office can someone help me. I only need to know when my parents will get back their portuguese nationality registration (how long and how many months) Could someone give me email address at Conservatoria registors Centrais. Please help us and guide us Thanking you Anthony fernandes Goa, IndiaI need help regarding my parents portuguese nationality registeration

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We have a elderly friend. We meet them here about 2 years ago. They have no family who are in contact. We are concerned that they are showing signs of dementia. How can we help them prepare for this. We feel that they maybe should writ down what they want to happen if they cannot make choices in the future. But how to broach the subject?

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Well I got this from another posting on family activities,just struck me it would make a great present for my Gran. I am going to take lots of photos of our life here and make her a album. Will also put in a text with each photo in very large print. I am sure Gran will love it.

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Hi We´re new to Lagos and have a 20 month old who needs interaction with other children. We´ve tried to get her into Bambinos, Toraltinha and the state kindergartens but they are all full. Does anyone know of any other kindergartens, nurseries or childminders in the area? Thanks

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