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What is the health care system like in Portugal? Is it easy to get things sorted, do you have to register with a doctor, or go to a health centre? What is it like for emergencies and are prescriptions expensive?

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Hi, We live near Olhao/Faro and are having terrible trouble finding places to take our two year old for a play/run around that is'nt a beach (eg when its not beach weather) Does anyone know anywhere not too far, a town or village with a reasonably enclosed park, any indoor or soft play, or even a hotel that doesnt mind us having a drink or meal and using their play equipment........we have in-laws arriving tommorow and i cant cope with 2 weeks in!!!!blue

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HI - does anyone know of toddler groups to join locally? We do music and gym in UK, but can't find anything to do with 3 and 1 year old in Porto! Can you help ?- its not much fun being stuck at home all day together! Becca

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Would welcome some input on how to deal with temper tantrums in a 4 year old. Its getting very upsetting for everyone in the family and we seem to have tried everything.

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Is the flu jab available here, if so how do I go about getting it?

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Hi Does anyone know of a good kindergarten / pre-school in the Tavira area? Thanks

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and sleepless nights any tips from more experienced parents please

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The kids are very excited at the prospect of Mr Whippy icecreams and I'm sure there's someone who does it for kids parties etc. Can you remember where they are?

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Apart from the big International school in Porches are there any more smaller independent English/international schools in that area.

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we have a family friend coming to stay for a few weeks and I want to be able to cook suitable food for this very kind lady, As she is a diabetic, insulin dependant I need some ideas please thanks

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What provision is made for children with special needs here in the Portuguese schools? Do they have additional support in the classroom and is 'inclusion' recognised here?

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is there any help for a homeless family if anyone one has some info on where to go who to see would be most gratful as they are in real need.

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heard some odd things about the rules of what names you can have, Please please whats the full story

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Hi, could any one tell me please when & if there will be a school holiday in october? Thank you.

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my very elderly neighbours plan to move back to UK and have some concerns re healthcare. They have been in the system here for a lot of years since retiring and have heard they will have problems access care back in UK if they need it. Does anyone know what the score is on this.

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My daughter has ear ache- is there anything she can do to ease it without visiting the doctor(she is 23, and refuses to go to the doctor unless shes really ill)

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morning sickenss is over thank godness, and thanks for all the good advice given here, now my poor wife is starting to feel the heat. Any tips please on how to cope.

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Does anybody know of a kids summer camp? In or near Lagos. Help! My grandson is coming to stay for 3 weeks and I need some kind of structure to burn up his energy!!

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where can I get some for children aged 2 and 10 years , need it in a couple of weeks for niece and nephew so a website might be OK

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early days yet but where should we be looking for pram, cot etc.

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