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My daughter has ear ache- is there anything she can do to ease it without visiting the doctor(she is 23, and refuses to go to the doctor unless shes really ill)

started by: Jaybird-742815 · last update: 1216124215 · posted: 1215785644

morning sickenss is over thank godness, and thanks for all the good advice given here, now my poor wife is starting to feel the heat. Any tips please on how to cope.

started by: Minnie52 · last update: 1216033075 · posted: 1215885203

Does anybody know of a kids summer camp? In or near Lagos. Help! My grandson is coming to stay for 3 weeks and I need some kind of structure to burn up his energy!!

started by: damian-742580 · last update: 1214061673 · posted: 1213960174

where can I get some for children aged 2 and 10 years , need it in a couple of weeks for niece and nephew so a website might be OK

started by: Jaybird-742815 · last update: 1212420589 · posted: 1212393803

early days yet but where should we be looking for pram, cot etc.

started by: Jaybird-742815 · last update: 1212396692 · posted: 1212396692

If our baby is born here will they be able to have a British passport?

started by: bramble-742479 · last update: 1211373566 · posted: 1211372635

I want a reasonable priced on to use when family are here something a child can lay back in comfort and safety. Wheres the best place to buy one please

started by: Twizzle-743177 · last update: 1211282568 · posted: 1210953818

If you have an emergency here, do you go to the hospital or the doctors? Or in fact the health centre? Bit confusing the system here. I am registered as resident here, but have not been allocated a doctor. I'm aware there is a shortage of doctors, but the wait at the health centre concerns me. It's OK for routine things, but not for real emergencies.

started by: Meghan-743336 · last update: 1210872526 · posted: 1210872526

New Channel 4 documentary series CALLING ALL BRITISH FAMILIES WITH STRUGGLING BUSINESSES ABROAD Do you or do you know anyone whose dream of running a life and a business overseas has gone pear-shaped? Maybe it’s cash flow problems, language barriers or simply cultural differences that are making things difficult. Are you looking for some help and advice to save your business? If so then please call Meghan at 020 7 013 4556 or email Meghan.just-truelove@rdfmedia.com Meg

started by: xerxes · last update: 1210622920 · posted: 1210622920

just moved to lagos with my 8 months old baby and we are looking for fun places to go to meet other mums and babies...any sujestions? thanks

started by: 'allo vera · last update: 1210425262 · posted: 1209296824

Can anyone recommend an English speaking hairdresser in Lagos please?

started by: Mistyrain · last update: 1207507048 · posted: 1207507048

Does anybody have any baby boys things? I gave away absolutely EVERYTHING to charity before I came out, not expecting to be "expecting" quite so soon. My little guy is due in Sept. All I've bought with me is the cot, play pen, three wheeler (minus the infant car seat) and toys suitable for a 2 year old! If anybody knows of anyone who wants to "recycle" their growing bubbies' things, I would gladly take them off their hands. PS, very very impressed with the Portuguese maternity care!

started by: Jodysam · last update: 1206124525 · posted: 1205777130

Hi Is it possible to get calpol over the counter in Portugal or if not is there an equivalent? I usually get friends and family to bring some when they come over but im nearly running out, so would be easier to buy it here. Thanks in advance.

started by: Jodysam · last update: 1205855806 · posted: 1205855806

Has anyone else had trouble enrolling for state schools or nurseries here? We enrolled our son, who will be 2 in May, over a year ago so he could go this Sept, but rang up today to see if there was any possibilty, but absolutley no chance, the list is so long! As they give priority to siblings that are already in the school. I really dont want to go down the private school route as, a, its really expensive and b, i want him interact with the locals and learn the language. What did you do? did you wait until they were school age and bypass nursery or did you go private? Thanks in advance

started by: Suze1-743017 · last update: 1205516745 · posted: 1205516745

Hi guys Just wondering if anyone knows of any restaurants that especially cater for Childrens parties, as its my sons birthday in May and want to organise something for him, will be around 10+ children! Thanks in advance!!

started by: TheRobinsons · last update: 1205490672 · posted: 1205402651

Our youngest have been pestering us about going to a kids club and we've heard that there's one near Lagos. Where can we find out more?

started by: TheRobinsons · last update: 1205347801 · posted: 1204193076

We've just heard that a former teacher at an international school in the Algarve has been diagnosed with tb. Can you tell us any more?

started by: dotty-742621 · last update: 1205054262 · posted: 1204891866

we having having a surprise party for a family member, the age group of those gathered will vary from 2 months to 89 years. Any ideas how to keep everyone entertained?

started by: Mistyrain · last update: 1204758436 · posted: 1204728049

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy maternity clothes from. There seem to be plenty of pregnant women about, so there must be somewhere!!!

started by: massimo181 · last update: 1204534373 · posted: 1204534373

Hi All Just wandered if anyone knows any good schools around Silves, Amarcao de Pera, Pera and surrounding areas. Our son is 21months old but we have been trying to register him for a long time and waited. We have never had any phone calls and he really needs to get to nursery and then a school. Can anyone help please? Thanks Massimo

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