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Hi! I'm new to this forum. But am just wondering if anyone knows of any daycare/ crèche facilities in the Central Algarve area? My Son will turn 2 in May, so is to young to go to the state nursery. Really would like to introduce him to the language and also to meet other children. Even if its for couple of hours a week, would be good! If anybody has any info that would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone got some good tips for keeping children amused on a long trip please? Would like to arrive slightly less frazzled than last time.

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One of our resolutions for 2008 was to arrange to do more as a family. My wife and I are taking it in turns to organise outings. As usual I haven't got round to it quite yet and the proposed February family fun day is approaching so I am appealing to you for some guidance. What could we do/see as a family in February?

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Does anyone know what the new leisure park in São Brás de Alportel is going to be like?

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I have gone and got some tar on my Jeans, when i was on the beach any good ideas how to get it off.

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I heard on the grapevine that Albufeira camara are planning on offering free eye tests to children in pre-school and primary school. Are there plans to roll this out across the Algarve?

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Does anyone have a good idea on what to get friends for their 10th wedding anniversary?

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Can anyone recommend a sympathetic dentist in Portamao please?

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not a major problem so I do not think a trip to the Doctors is needed. Just want to make sure it does not worsen. I have used petroleum jelly, can any parents out there advise please.

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I want the children to be really involved this Christmas. There is always a lot of cooking going on, Can you guys perhaps share a few tried and trusted recipes that youngsters of 8 and 10 and 6 could make.

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I need to know the names of all Santa's reindeer ASAP as my little girl want to write to them all to say thank you for their hard work!! HELP

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Do older people need them here, if so where should they go, is it the GP as in UK?

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I have heard there is a very good nursery in Portimao. I don't know what it is called, but apparently it does food diaries and things like that, which is what my little fella needs as he doesn't eat very well. Does anyone have any information to pass onto me?

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I would like to have a home birth with my next child. What are the chances here and what are the facilties like for home birth, do you have to pay for the services of midwifes and Doctors at home?

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Thinking about my three year old and Christmas has made me wonder about the Christmas traditions in Portugal. Is santa the same here as in the UK? Do they do stockings? Are there any other interesting Christmas traditions?

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We have always been very happy with public Health care in Spain, whats it like in Portugal. We are still weighting up pros and cons on making the move.

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Will there be any Santa Clauses around to take the kids to see in any of the stores?

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As a family we are trying to decided if we should move to Portugal from Spain. If you have made this move maybe you would like to let us know how it went, was it a good move?

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At what age do children start nursery schools here? What are the NS like and are there state and private ones. What are the fees in private like?

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What activities will we find for 11 to 14 year olds in the area. Sports and social based activities would be good.

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