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Hi everyone. Has anybody had the notification from the Town Hall to have their new post brexit citizen card? My municipality refer me to SEF, SEF, who I first asked in March,  said it is delayed and will happen “later”. Arcturus start if May I again queried SEF. That message has been ignored. When I spoke to the Camara they advised all permits are on hold due to UK poor treatment of EU citizens. What is your own experience? Needless to say I’m quite concerned.....

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Hi. Has anyone else experienced this? We have a property in Portugal. Originally a local solicitor was our fiscal rep. They became unreliable, sending tax bills late costing us a fine several times. We therefore had to stop using them. In the short term we’re having bills sent to UK. Our problem is we can’t access the finances portal. The solicitor has ignored my requests for our password.  How do we get around this and sort out our own portal access. We’re struggling to understand the process of resetting everything without the original information the solicitor used. Appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance

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We have a house in Lagos with substantial equity. We wish to purchase another property which we just saw and need a mortgage advisor to help with release of equity in our house/remortgage. We are non-residents. Do you know anyone that can help?

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We are British and have an apartment in Lagos.  We only recently heard about NHR and wonder if we would be eligible for it.  We are not able to retire for 3 years and only spend about 15 weeks a year in Lagos.  We are worried about our rights to remain in Portugal as second home owners post Brexit.  We would really like a recommendation for an adviser we could speak to in the Lagos /Portimao area.  Alternatively a reputable company we could deal with over the phone or internet.  Many thanks.

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We are looking to convert a bar to a daytime tapas bar. Any advice for things to remember and/or avoid?

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Hi all.We are currently in Portugal and have over stayed the 90 day rule in the schengen region (Eu). We have been trying to obtain residency via a solicitor who has just left us hanging by not returning our calls or emails. We approached the solicitor prior to us exceeding our stay in Portugal beyond 90days and he said he will apply for the residency and not to worry which suited us because the UK had expensive quarantine hotels in force at the time and we did not have the available funds for them to return to the UK anyway! However several months on we are no closer to achieving the residency and very concerned about being in the EU beyond the 90 days. We do need to return to the UK asap once the quarantine is hopefully removed on the 17th May but concerned we will be fined, detained or not allowed back into the EU zone. We did read somewhere that "there is an extension till the end of 2021 for expired residency permits and expired visa holders"....BUT does this apply to persons who entered the EU zone prior to Brexit when a visa was not required. We entered on the 10 Decenber 2020 via France? Adding to the confusion we have now been told we need to obtain a D7 visa in person from the Portuguese embassy in the UK as we do not have a contract proving our stay in Portugal.Apparently the Camara and SEF no longer deal with the residencyAny help would be appreciated!Many thanksJ

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Does anyone know, if you live in Portugal but work freelance for UK companies, do you only register to pay tax on that in the UK?Is there any tax advice you'd give to us as new to relocating to the Algarve in August this year?

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Hi all, maybe someone can help. I've contacted several accountants to help me with my IRS. As a non-resident I was taxed 25% of the total AL income - which is quite a lot. An accountant just told me that this is not correct and that my IRS was submitted erronously. I should have been taxed 25% on only 35% of my AL income and they are offering me to do a correction (is this even possible)? Can someone advice who really knows what's the deal, please? Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know how many years you need to keep all the tax paperwork for a self employed business?

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im currently reading https://www.ainit.net/ at that its easy to move canada as student is it true?

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Hi, Does anyone have any information on current policy for Invoicing/Payment of IMI, I have not received this year's Payment Invoices at our UK Address. Has Policy changed because of Brexit!, or is there a delay due to COVID19 ? Would be useful to know, any information appreciated,

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Hican someone advise me?. I moved here 2 years ago to Albufeira, bought a nice mid terrace in a condominium. The “condominium” rules say that each household must do the administration in order of condo address A - T, 20 houses within the condo. Rules state everything must be in Portuguese like MoM etc. There is a need to interact with all property owners, contractors where work needs doing etc. Its impossible I do this as I cannot read, write or speak Portuguese (I’m trying to learn, but not proficient enough for this), on the other hand my wife is Portuguese, but she left school at 14 and worked in a café for30 years, can’t use a computer, has no admin skills etc. The Condo are telling us that if we don’t take our turn to run the condo admin that we have to pay double the yearly fee!!. €600 + €600!!To note, those that are capable and do the admin do not pay the yearly fee which I agree. But can they force  us to pay double the fee if we are not capable of doing the job?.someones advice would be helpful here. 

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Can anybody advise me of the fors and against in starting a business in algarve portugal

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Hi we need to do a tax return for our rental property for the first time.  Is there anywhere that we can find out how to do this or do we need someone to do it for us and if so, any recommendations?thanks for any help in advance. Karen 

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Hi.I'm just a new member and am interested in establishing non-habitual (NHR) residency in Portugal for the obvious, simple tax benefitsCan anybody please tell me of any reputable English-speaking accountant/lawyer/solicitor who could help me with my application for NHR?

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I think the life insurance attached to my mortgage on my apt is way too high at 73 euro per month and I only have 57000 outstanding on my mortgage, can anyone ready recommend a better company to use for this..thanks in advance. John

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I  have a financial question.We are tax residents in portugal.We have a rental flat in the UKon an interest only mortgage which for the last 7 years, we haven't made any income on, as the interest only mortgage and expenses have been more than the rental income. Recently, last year in fact,  they changed the law in the Uk to make all income from rental be seen as being taxable, whereas in the past we could offset our mortage expenses against it, but not any more,We obviously do tax returns in each country, but this year, although we have received no income, the Portuguese financas say  we owe them tax against that income, even though we haven't in reality had any income from our rental, so we have had a bill for 1,200 euros we weren't expecting.Can anyone comment on this for us, please?

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Can someone explain please what expenses we will incur when selling our property in the Algarve.Also, do the Portuguese government keep hold of a percentage if you move out of the country.

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Hello Does anyone know when selling a property what the legal policy is regarding the signing of a promissory note and the buyer paying a deposit for property in PortugalShould the whole of the deposit be paid to the seller or does the agent keep 50% of the depositThanks 

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