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Costs Law Services is a niche Cost Drafting Company specialized in Costs Law. We deal with all areas of legal costs and can tailor our services to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on the standard and high level of our services.

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Hi, my wife and I have owned a small cottage holiday home near Porches since 2011, we have usually taken holidays there 3 0r 4 times each year, for the past 5 years we have received our IMI Tax statements by post delivered to our UK Address,I then go into Financas Office and pay. We have previously received these in March,but we still have not received them, has anyone any idea if policy has changed due to Brexit ! or have property owners received their 2019 IMI Statements as usual?

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Does anyone know how many years you need to keep all the tax paperwork for a self employed business?

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Does anyone know how many years you need to keep all the tax paperwork for a self employed business?

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Procedure for Certificate Attestation...!!!

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Procedure for Certificate Attestation?http://globalattestation.com/

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Can anybody advise me of the fors and against in starting a business in algarve portugal

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We are British and have an apartment in Lagos.  We only recently heard about NHR and wonder if we would be eligible for it.  We are not able to retire for 3 years and only spend about 15 weeks a year in Lagos.  We are worried about our rights to remain in Portugal as second home owners post Brexit.  We would really like a recommendation for an adviser we could speak to in the Lagos /Portimao area.  Alternatively a reputable company we could deal with over the phone or internet.  Many thanks.

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Hi we need to do a tax return for our rental property for the first time.  Is there anywhere that we can find out how to do this or do we need someone to do it for us and if so, any recommendations?thanks for any help in advance. Karen 

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Hi.I'm just a new member and am interested in establishing non-habitual (NHR) residency in Portugal for the obvious, simple tax benefitsCan anybody please tell me of any reputable English-speaking accountant/lawyer/solicitor who could help me with my application for NHR?

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I think the life insurance attached to my mortgage on my apt is way too high at 73 euro per month and I only have 57000 outstanding on my mortgage, can anyone ready recommend a better company to use for this..thanks in advance. John

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I  have a financial question.We are tax residents in portugal.We have a rental flat in the UKon an interest only mortgage which for the last 7 years, we haven't made any income on, as the interest only mortgage and expenses have been more than the rental income. Recently, last year in fact,  they changed the law in the Uk to make all income from rental be seen as being taxable, whereas in the past we could offset our mortage expenses against it, but not any more,We obviously do tax returns in each country, but this year, although we have received no income, the Portuguese financas say  we owe them tax against that income, even though we haven't in reality had any income from our rental, so we have had a bill for 1,200 euros we weren't expecting.Can anyone comment on this for us, please?

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Can someone explain please what expenses we will incur when selling our property in the Algarve.Also, do the Portuguese government keep hold of a percentage if you move out of the country.

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Hello Does anyone know when selling a property what the legal policy is regarding the signing of a promissory note and the buyer paying a deposit for property in PortugalShould the whole of the deposit be paid to the seller or does the agent keep 50% of the depositThanks 

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I am experiencing issues with my condominium management company in that they run the AGM in Portuguese (this does not allow English participation). Some owners are Portuguese but a lot of English/Irish also. They will not provide minutes of the AGM in English either (only a short summary). Are there any laws governing this?

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Can anyone recommend a good attorney to help me with the visa process in the Algarve area?  I am a U.S. citizen currently in Ecuador but wanting to move to Portugal in 2018 to live.

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Does anybody know if you sell your only property in Portugal and move to another Eu country, that you have to pay capital gains tax of 28% on any gains?

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Does anyone know, if you live in Portugal but work freelance for UK companies, do you only register to pay tax on that in the UK?Is there any tax advice you'd give to us as new to relocating to the Algarve in August this year?

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