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I am a new user of this website and have joined as a result of being left proerty when my brother died in Faro last year I reside in UK and I have received what I think is the demand for rates from Financas I am struggling to interpet to whom I make a cheque out to   I would be grateful for any information regarding this   Anngil


DavidW 1349121067

Hi Anngil

Without actually reading what it is it will be quite difficult to help you. It shuld be quite straughtforward however. Am sending you a PM

Florence-749974 1349122860

"I am struggling to interpet to whom I make a cheque out to"

cheque should be made out to:

Instituto de Gestao da Tesouraria e do Credito Publico - (IGCP)

Hope that helps.

ozyjon 1349390146

Hello Anngil

I also find myself in the same situation, i have been left property i don't really want, but because of the tax situation here in Portugal i now have to live here 6 months of the year so that my tax rate stays low, and i am finding it really hard, because i am retired i have to live somewhere so living here is somewhere but it's a living hell in this country,, i would recomend that your property stays well maintained and has a lived in look about it, i would also either come here regularly or have someone come here and stay in your home, i would also recomend you get legal advice on owning property in Portugal but not being a resident,, the rules have changed but no one is telling you until you get the letters to pay taxes on your property, good luck in a very unlucky country...John

oz-754017 1349391644

Get a good accountant people. 


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