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I am experiencing issues with my condominium management company in that they run the AGM in Portuguese (this does not allow English participation). Some owners are Portuguese but a lot of English/Irish also. They will not provide minutes of the AGM in English either (only a short summary). Are there any laws governing this?


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There is nothing in the section of the Codigo Civil dealing with Condominiums requiring any documentation to be provided in an language other than Portuguese.( SECÇÃO III - DIREITO E ENCARGOS DOS CONDÓMINOS
ARTIGO 1420.º - (direito dos condóminos) 

This was raised recently in our condominium meeting by non-Portuguese speakers.(I speak, read, & write Portuguse) It was made very clear by the advogado who runs the Condominium meetings that any translation into any other language must be paid for either by the condominium association, if all agree, or by the individual owners.  

So, one has two options:

- Pay for translations

- Learn Portuguese  


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