Condominium Rules

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Hican someone advise me?. I moved here 2 years ago to Albufeira, bought a nice mid terrace in a condominium. The “condominium” rules say that each household must do the administration in order of condo address A - T, 20 houses within the condo. Rules state everything must be in Portuguese like MoM etc. There is a need to interact with all property owners, contractors where work needs doing etc. Its impossible I do this as I cannot read, write or speak Portuguese (I’m trying to learn, but not proficient enough for this), on the other hand my wife is Portuguese, but she left school at 14 and worked in a café for30 years, can’t use a computer, has no admin skills etc. The Condo are telling us that if we don’t take our turn to run the condo admin that we have to pay double the yearly fee!!. €600 + €600!!To note, those that are capable and do the admin do not pay the yearly fee which I agree. But can they force  us to pay double the fee if we are not capable of doing the job?.someones advice would be helpful here. 


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