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Hi,Moving to the Algarve next month was just wondering about changing some money over from Sterling to Euro's.Would i get a better deal if i changed sterling cash when i get to the Algarve or change to Euros in the uk and if so what is the max i can take through customs on both currencies with out any hassle.Regards.


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legally the most cash you can carry through customs without having to declare it is £12000 after this amount you have to provide bill of sale for any monies over that.
You will get a better exchange rate in the uk.

If your planning a full time move and want to move big sums get a Pt bank a/c then there is a Pt bank in london that will move money to Pt free of charge if you open an a/c with them

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Look on the internet at a company called Personal FX they give a fantastic rate and no charge for the service. Last week we got 1.26 to transfer from UK bank to Portuguese bank

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We have been using an exchange firm in England for the last seven years. They are brilliant and do not charge interest. They are called Foreign Currency Direct plc and are in Old Amersham, Bucks. Our contact is: Stephen Hughes <>. 1343633419

I have tried a few outfits to buy euros from sterling, nothing to beat Premier FX, Peter Fairfax, Contact Nos, + 44 8450212370 , + 351 289 358 513.

You may like to consider this option too.

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