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Hi there, please can anyone recommend a Fiscal rep based Lagos/West .


Sindlesham 1346244241

Hi, sorry cant help with the fiscal rep in your area but thought I'd let you know that Fiscal reps are no longer necessary, this info was supplied by my lawer so I'm happy to trust that the information is accurate.

steppitoe 1346267962

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately still need a fiscal rep when renting your property!

steppitoe 1346350010

Does no one out there have a good thing to say about their fiscal rep?

matherp 1347925500

Hi Steppitoe,

Sindlesham is correct. A fiscal rep should not be required to rent a property,(otherwise all holiday rentals would require one?)

A ficscal rep is only needed if you intend to become a resident or to purchase a property in Portugal.

I own  property in Alvor and my fiscal rep is a portuguese friend who volunteered and costs me nothing!

steppitoe 1347971386

Hi there, sorry I have confused the issue.  A fiscal rep is needed if you want to let your property, for example as a holiday rep.  I have yet to hear of one that anyone is happy to recommend!

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