Food prep at 'home' - Rules and Regs.

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Can anyone help me out here? I am not in the Algarve at the moment so cannot go to the local Camra.I hope to be back in a month and I am looking to run up a food prep business at 'home' or on suitable premises and need to know what rules are applied.What are the legal requirements? The food will be transported and sold at various outlets not from the premises.What are the rules concerning this transport? I would be grateful to anyone who has the experience or would go themselves or could recommend someone who could find out this information for me (in English) and pass on to me.I am happy to pay a small sum for this service as it would help me move things along faster instead of waiting a month! thankyou.


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you don,t say what food,,, cold meat,s,,,!! cakes !! there is of cos the temperture of the van, for travel, and what the food is wrap in, you can ask, a food sauce company theres one called, the name escapes now, but it starts with a H,, it,s in blue, you see their paper on walls of cafes and places of food,they can help.

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