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A neighbour has built a house on my land. I went straight to Camara and asked what to do. They said there is nothing they can do about it. I asked what would happen if I smashed it down. They said I would be in big trouble. Then neighbour started more building work thinking i wasn't there. I smashed it down and told the builders to go home. After 20 years the law says it becomes his land. I cant believe I'im in this mess.I've spent the last few years worrying about it. People have told me if I do anything he might get a gun because he is Brazilian with no morals. if it was in UK the gov would be there next day telling him to take it down.


muddyboots-753674 1331740753

but they say you can,t build unless you have a licence !! and the land is in your name, so how come he was building !!

suewar 1331741654

maybe he knows the law can do nothing to stop him

muddyboots-753674 1331743146

so if that were the case, why do we pay for property to be put in our name !! he has no rights,have you contacted a lawyer,,,he is tresspasing,he,s not a sqauter!!!

suewar 1331753315

as soon as you mention the word lawyer i start thinking this is gonna cost me. Why should i have to pay for what is mine already.

quintadovale 1331803982

Surely you are quite within your rights to fence off your property and the next time he enters he will be trespassing. The police may be more helpful. You need to go higher up in the Camara and make more noise. Don´t let him scare you.Good luck.Wendy

FixAlgarve 1332626049

Well, Quinta do Vale said something very important, if you have your property fenced all around NOBODY can step inside or you will entitled to call GNR to take them away.

I really can not understand why the Câmara Municipal people told you that, nobody can build anything without letting the authorities know about, even painting your house you need to inform the local authorities, there is no need for projects in some cases but in all cases there is need for informing the "secção de obras" ( construction department of the city hall ) about the works.

I make no idea what sort of construction they did but surely they could not if the land belong to you, are you sure they did it inside your boundaries or not?

Asking a Lawyer to write them a letter is the next step, but did you try the GNR already? That is also a crime, GNR can be called in action while the Camara does nothing. If you do not have a friend to help you with this you can contact me and I will call the GNR myself to explain and send them over there.

Which Câmara Municipal is this? Maybe I know somebody there and be able to help.

laurac-750391 1332682445

Sorry to hear you are having problems but disturbed to see your comment "if i do anything he might get a gun because he is brazilian with no morals."

suewar 1332690502

portuguese people have said to me that many brazilian people are dangerous and wont think twice about shooting you. i have lived in brazil and i love the people. they are not all bad.

muddyboots-753674 1336053121

hi, what is the catch up on this, as i have check back to see, did the fella call the GNR to help you, the place is yours don,t let go.

suewar 1336102538

i gave up because someone has called me racially prejudiced

legaleagle-751091 1336134781

Take no notice of what others say its your property defend it, and people all all righteous until its on their doorstep.

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