Permuta - Property swap - does anyone understand ?

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We've been offered a property swap - does anyone fully understand the Portuguese 'Permuta' system ? Many thanks


FixAlgarve 1342362988

Hi! Be very carefull before you make any decision!

1 - Make sure there is nothing wrong with the legal aspect of the property you are valuating;

- Make sure you get all contacts of the people responsible for the constructions, plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling, etvc;

- Make sure to find out with the local authorities if there is anything going on relative to building new roads, dumps, whatsoever in the surroundings of the property you are valuating;

- Make sure if those are the real owners and / or if there is any legal action running over this property;

- Price? These days is a very good surprise ( it works against / or in favor to you in relation to your own property );

2 - If you are going to buy for yourself or to rent it out it seriously is something to think about;

3 - Are you considering the actual days we are living on? Security is very important and you or your guests will need to feel secure and safe all the time, what are you doing to guarantee them this? Pay attention to access, what is around that can harm you / your guests, how far it is from hospitals, urban centers, beach, airport, all this counts for valuating your property ( you never know tomorrow what will bring and you will sell a property better if you have YES instead of NOs in the buyers questionnaires.

barcobird 1342424589

No brainier, employ a lawyer. If you don't you will regret it!

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