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Hi I am looking for information regarding the law on private accommodation. Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction, as to what the law is about rental properties and whether they now all need a license to operate? Does this include a private home owner who rents through holidaylettings and the like?Many thanksChristine


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Hi Christine

Yes you do need a rental license if you rent your property through property lettings etc. In which council area is your property? The rules vary from council to council.


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Hi claire,

Thanks for your response. It is not for me myself, but I work with a holiday company in the UK who rent private properties and was trying to find out what the rules were to allow me to advise them and also to bring myself up to date with the law.

Do you know any sites where I could get more information?



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Hi .

Im also interested in this -Albufeira -- as I have been quoted from 500e to 800e by companies ,who provide the service .

Can this be the cost ?

Can it be done by an owner and what is the required paperwork .

Thanks in advance .

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Here's a link to the AngloInfo Information pages:

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