Right time to buy?

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What are your views on the current state of the housing market? Is it a good time to buy property or better to keep renting?


Jaybird-742815 1201781709

ex collegues in the property market in Spain tell me prices are still falling there, the market is very very slow. If the same happens here I would say wait a little longer there may well be some real bargins

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The Resident ran an article over the weekend that may interest you:


bramble-742479 1202204564

I think the best way to judge the property market is from a grass roots level. Talk to people who have just bought sold or are tying to sell. I too have friends in Spain in the business and they do not go "public" on the current situation there as they say it makes things worse. It seems to me anyone who is working in property will not want to tell you if prices are falling.

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