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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction. My husband and I are both out of work and cannot claim unemployment, I was wondering if there was any other help we could get as a family? Thanks


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I know this is not strictly the answer you are looking for but it's a way to earn a small amount of cash .If you have a UK address to register at you can complete UK Goverment surveys for points and convert the points to cash.Here is a link.

You can also do other surveys for cash just do an internet search for "surveys for cash" Can be time consuming but if you do have time to spare then it's worth a try.

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Unfortunately in the country, you are not entitled to benefits if you have not contributed to the system. Were you employed before with a contract, if so you can claim unemployment benefit, you have to register at the employment office to show you are actively seeking work. Depending on how long you work before, will depend how long you receive benefit. Usually around 6 months for the shorter contract.

However, laws change frequently here. There are some cases where you can apply for other kinds of benefits.

The best thing you can do is go to your local social security office and ask their advice. Or take a look at this website.

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hi, good luck to all who are in the same boat as us, kids at school and no jobs, !! we have 499 euros a month. it is o, so hard.,, keeping our chins up for our kids,

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Well it is tough but that is Portugal for you and people know that it is not the same wages as the UK and the wages relate to the cost of living here!!

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This is a great website

It is getting really expensive over here now, especially my electric bill!!! But at least we have the sun and the stunning beaches huh, which is more than I can say for the UK!

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no missimo, the wages don,t go hand in hand with the cost of living,shopping and petrol have gone up double, not to mention the price of a gas bottle,,, when 499,00 was a wage,here per month, we struggled but lived,and now the higher power don,t care a hoot,

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